024 received 15,000 calls in the first month and detected 290 suicides


The Telephone Against Suicidal Behavior of the Ministry of Health refers 650 calls to emergency services and receives 400 notices a day

Carolina Darius during a meeting
Carolina Darius during the Interterritorial Health Council meeting.pool
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Suicidal Behavior Prevention Telephone Line 024 – Works 24 hours a day, seven days a week – Received and traced some 15,000 calls 290 Ongoing Suicide during the first month of its existence.

According to the data transmitted this Friday by Ministry of HealthThis resource, historically sought after by victims, relatives and experts in the universe of suicide, receives an average of 400 calls in a day (During the first week of operation, between 10 and 17 May, there were 800).

During this entire month, 024’s operators and managers made 650 referrals to emergency services, one of the service’s priorities, not only from people with ongoing suicidal ideation, planning or execution, but also from family members, teachers. Or also receives calls from friends. of people at risk.

“We have gone from silence to debate and debate to action, putting mental health at the center of public policies,” says Minister Carolina Darius at 024’s first assessment.

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