10 best series you’ll want to watch in June


Series premieres are accumulated on platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Movistar Plus+, Amazon Prime Video. Here are the main attractions in June.

10 best series you'll want to watch in June
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in june will premiere Chain Which promises to offer a lot to talk about on a platform like this Movistar Plus+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Disney+ or Netflix.

No Limits (Amazon Prime Video, June 10)

great feat done by Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastian Elcano This Spanish blockbuster in the 16th century is remembered. A production starring two world stars like Rodrigo Santoro (300) and lvaro Morte (the money heist) in which World’s first circumnavigation by boat It’s told in great detail and with lots of action. Amazon Prime Video Subscription Available Here.

Borgen (Netflix, June 2)

A few years ago this series was on everyone’s lips… including several Spanish politicians. After that with its first three seasons with recorded bang, it Politico Thriller Returns with fourth batch of starring chapters Birgitte (Nyborg Sidse Babett Knudsen)A determined politician with a great personality.

Devils (Movistar Plus+, June 2)

Alessandro Borgi and Patrick Dempsey they return as two killers From the world of finance in an international thriller. Now their fight is focused on a global alliance involving China and the pandemic Appear as the backdrop in a grand production.

M / s. Marvel (Disney+, June 8)

Good news for Marvel fans. Now a new superhero has arrived. has been nominated Kamala Kan is a Pakistani teen fan of Avengers And it would give a lot to talk about. With all this data it is more than enough to enjoy a series that promises a lot and that will join with captain marvel Within the unbroken universe of this imaginary factory. You can reach here to subscribe to Disney+.

Westworld (HBO Max, June 27)

One of the most sophisticated series, with a more philosophical background And, why not say, more violent in recent years. done by return for the fourth season In which once again beings made by man come face to face with humans who do not know how to live with them. Subscribe to HBO Max here.

Only Murders in the Building (Disney+, June 28)

half comedy half thriller starring this offer Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short Its a new season. On occasion, their participation as amateur detectives He died in a New York building Will put the main characters in new situations where surprise is the order of the day. You can reach here to subscribe to Disney+.

Summer Me Pyaar Ho Gaya (Amazon Prime Video, June 17)

the first few books were Which sold in lakhs. then a saga of movies, You now comes the series Based on stories created by Jenny Han. Its hero is Isabel, A teenager who hesitates between two boys (Brothers, to the greater morbidity) with whom he corresponds every summer. What paves the way for a romantic melodrama about him and other youthful problems. Amazon Prime Video Subscription Available Here.

Peak Blinders (Netflix, June 6th)

the end is coming. In its sixth season, the series Joe. narrates the exploits of Tommy Shelby And his ministers present him facing the rise of fascism on the eve of World War II. The new batch of Six Chapters was a series finale, however, is expected to continue as a single film.

Smash (Apple TV+, June 24)

Maya Rudolph One of the great comics of the United States that becomes the great hero in this series. Her character is Molly, a woman with a very quiet (and luxurious) life thanks to her husband’s business. But when he betrays her, everything around him falls apart. Even then, dedicate yourself to a charitable foundation This will motivate you to improve your emotional state and, in the process, help many people around you.

Trigger Point (Movistar Plus+, Juno 13)

expert in defuse bombs, a series of terrorist attacks in London and a big mystery about who is behind them. All these elements we encounter A thrilling thriller that could turn out to be one of the great surprises of the month.

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