12-year-old child dies after falling from the fourth floor into the inner courtyard


Seriously injured, he was taken to La Fe Hospital in Valencia, where he died.

Hospital de la Fey in Valencia where he is
Hospital de la Fe de Valencia where the minor is admittedAastha Hospital
  • madrid The condition of a two-year-old child is very serious after falling from the window of the fourth floor in Mustoles.

a 12 year old boy who Fell in the courtyard of lights from the fourth floor He died this Thursday in a building in Algemes (Valencia) when he tried to jump to a moonless man and did not reach him at La Fe Hospital in ValenciaAs reported by municipal sources to Efe.

The accident took place in a building located in the center of the municipality, when apparently, the youngest was playing with other children Want to jump on the balcony and into the inner courtyard to a moonless man, He could not reach it and fell on the ground.

According to Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU) sources, they mobilized a SAMU unit and another basic life support unit, as well as a primary care doctor, after the minor was reported to have fallen into the courtyard.

child attended for medical services polytrauma And, after being stabilized by the SAMU medical team, he was taken to the La Fe Hospital in Valencia in an advanced life-saving ambulance.

Municipal sources indicated that the minor who underwent the operation was admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Medical services also participated 38 year old womanwho was assisted by anxiety crisis and later shifted to Algems Health Centre.

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