14 Executives who quit the job fastest to climb ‘eight thousand’


Norwegian Kristin Harila, who until three years ago was the sales director of a furniture company, is trying to beat Nepalese Nirmal Purja, who exploded on the roofs of the world in just six months. In 2015 he won a raffle to go to Kilimanjaro and, although he hardly tells him, it changed his life

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win a giveaway. In 2015, at the age of 29, Norwegian Kristin Harilla She had just been promoted to a director of the furniture company Scheidar, was on track for a mortgage, and was living very comfortably in Oslo, but she won a raffle. One more draw. no draw. “Do you want to travel to Kilimanjaro with pay for everything? Sign up,” he claimed. And he signed up. and win. And he went to Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. and reached the top. And it almost stays there. But the experience changed his life.

“I lost my sight, I vomited and felt like my head was about to explode, but I found something on that mountain, the feeling of being free, the feeling of simplicity that caught me,” explains Climber Today. Today, Today’s Himalaya through its main sponsor, Bremont. In just seven years, Harila has gone from selling more chairs and sofas to trying to be the person who has hit the fastest 14′ eight thousand’ on the planet. In recent weeks, it has reached the summits of Annapurna (April 28), Dhaulagiri (May 8), Kangchenjunga (May 15), Everest (May 22) and Lhotse (May 22) at an exciting pace and is moving towards Makalu. has gone. If he succeeds, this spring he will chain six of the world’s highest peaks and the remaining eight will be left for July and possibly September.

His goal is to break Nepal’s record Nirmal PurjaWho completed 14 ‘eight thousand’ in six months and six days in 2019, or at least significantly lowers the women’s record that she currently holds modern pastoral, which crossed out the entire list in about ten years. Harila’s efforts, his existence, whether successful or not, represent the creation of a new climax, the speed climax, the growth of which is now impossible to calculate. The Norwegians, in fact, had other goals, but she jumped to the challenge when she saw Purja’s Netflix documentary “The 14 Eight Thousand: Nothing Is Impossible.”

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However, his transition from the offices to the high mountain was more sudden. Harila says, “People around me were shocked that I quit my job, but now I didn’t believe in what I was doing. You can’t waste your time on things you don’t want to do ” The adventurous spirit to stop him soon. In the spring of 2019, he quit his job at Scheider to hit the mountains, and in early 2020, a virus… well, you know. His idea of ​​dividing the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each continent, went in vain, but in return he watched the Purja documentary and found a new challenge. As for training, last year she spent several weeks in Nepal and joined Everest and Lhoms – the fastest woman to do so. This year everything is going according to plan.

As Purja did, Harila climbs up with extra oxygen, has helicopters to take her from base camp to base camp and in this case a large team of Sherpas behind the company ‘8KExpeditions’. The budget of her project is 600,000 euros, which the Norwegians initially covered with their own funds and thanks to their sponsors, as the crowdfunding campaign launched by her had no effect – she collected 7,150 euros. Growing up in Vads, northern Norway, as a young woman she moved to Lillehammer to train as a cross-country skier, and later moved to Oslo to work in business.

Now his home is in mountaineering history books. If she defeats Purja, confirm that there is a race going on in the 14 ‘Eight-Thousands’ and women can be in it without any problems. That’s another part of her challenge: gender affirmation. “There are hardly any women in the mountain environment, I only meet men. I want to show girls that a woman can do the same work as a man and do it in less time. I want to inspire them “; Green finished. Not long ago I was going from meeting to meeting and now, you see, from summit to summit. And all because I won a giveaway.

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