15-year-old Spanish Greta Thunberg, who collects signatures to close dolphinarium: “Spain is Europe’s biggest dolphin prison”

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,Spain is the largest prison for dolphins in Europe and the sixth in the world, behind only countries like China or Russia. Shame!”. From an American father, hence his blonde hair, those deep blue eyes and the nickname, Catalan Olivia Mandal She expresses herself colloquially like any other 15-year-old girl, but her words convey a maturity and strength that is not characteristic of a third-year ESO student. “Our country wants to be a leader in terms of ecological transition, but it will not happen if it allows the captivity of these animals.”

a lot They’re already comparing her to a youth worker Swedish Greta Thunberg, because her concern about animals and nature arose when she was just a child. Not surprisingly, he has been collecting signatures on the Change.org platform for two years from the government’s president, Pedro Sanchez, for a law closing the dolphinarium.

request has now been received amplifier Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute ,BDRI) and signed the agreement Like British Lush, with fresh handcrafted cosmetics and a firm idea of ​​living free of animal cruelty, which has joined its campaign #noespasparadelfines, She has even created a soap to support this strong defense against captivity.

All profit from your sale will be devoted to BDRI, Marine Environment Research Center dedicated to the study and conservation of free-roaming dolphins, whales and porpoises. “We met Olivia at the SBMadrid sustainability event, where she was a speaker, and her story was inspiring. We were so impressed by her passion, her age, and her age. We saw him as an example to follow“, says Gloria Pava, director of communications at Lush.

This is young activist

Olivia Mandal, activist from age 15
Olivia Mandal, a 15-year-old activist who advocates for the end of dolphinariums in Spain.Sofa Moros

Olivia has been practicing ballet since the age of three, the discipline she learned to be responsible, to focus and work hard, Slide. “I struggle a lot to complete my studies, which require more of me, and at the same time not letting my guard down and continuing with all the inner peace I have.”

In addition to banning dolphinariums, it is committed to raising awareness about climate change, especially about microplastics in the ocean. “In 2019 I made a homemade device with recycled materials to clean the surface of beaches, rivers or lakes. Anyone can do it at home. We can all make a difference by adding our tiny granules of sand“, adds up.

His parents, whose slides are very similar to his life, sowed the seeds of environmentalism in him. “The environment and the state of our planet have always brought the conversation to our table. I am surrounded by books and documentaries from greats like David Attenborough, Jane Goodall or Sylvia Earle.people who were already doing so much for and for the planet”, describes the young woman.

When he played with his Lego pieces to save the forest from fire, he himself realized that this sensibility didn’t light the fuse in his friends. “Still, I decided as a kid that I wanted to be one of those people who was already fighting for a healthier ecosystem for all of us.” His dream is SUA (save us all, A marine sanctuary on the Costa Brava. “If I’m being honest, I wish it was never necessary, or just to help the cheetahs and animals in the area that have problems or diseases.”

Why Dolphins?

Spain is home to 11 of the 30 dolphinariums in Europe, with more than 55% being captive dolphins.

Greta Thunberg Espaola He thinks that man is not only destructive, but self-destructive. “It’s obvious, seeing how we left everything.” That’s why he feels that this campaign is his life mission. Dolphins are, in fact, his favorite animal. “I don’t know if it will be successful, but a law for progressive prohibition of dolphinariums is something that many countries, not to mention France, have already implemented,” he says.

“Everything behind it is pure business,” he says. He was born in the Mediterranean Sea – “it’s in my blood, I respect and respect him” – which is why he spent so much time at sea. “I haven’t seen as many dolphins or cetaceans in the wild as I would have liked, but I’m passionate about their intelligence. And animals in general, how they protect each other and their magical balance. I love the BBC’s Planeta I spend hours watching Azul.”

Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI) is a research center
The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI) is a marine environmental research center dedicated to the study and conservation of marine biodiversity.

He is determined that, from childhood, it will be known that it is rude to let dolphins go through a hoop or throw a ball. With over 55% of all captive dolphins, Spain focuses on 11 of the continent’s 30 dolphinariums, “At present, there is an effect panic triangle Working under an excuse such as education or science. but If there’s no show, there’s no capture (almost always illegal) and no trade, so it’s not that hard”,

These animals should be studied in independence, as many foundations already do, he explains. “I always repeat that Jacques Cousteau said that study of animals in captivity It is like studying humans but only in captivity. Isn’t that going to do great?” he asks.

In search of another just world

Camp's 'weapons'
The ‘weapon’ of the Spanish Greta Thunberg campaign, backed by the BDRI and Lush.

Since launching the initiative, Mandal has worked hard so that the world stops turning its back on what is happening. “it’s clear that Politicians not interested in climate change As well as scientists. It’s a shame they don’t make real decisions.”

She fears that she will not be taken seriously because she is young. “No one pauses for five minutes to think about how life is going to change in the distant future.” Regarding comparisons with Greta Thunberg, Olivia expressed that her role is commendable, although her reason is much smaller than that of this famous Swedish woman: “They’ve Put Climate Change On Everyone’s Lips”Although its speaker has been silenced since Covid, for me it remains an example of struggle and solidarity.”

He is not afraid to put himself in the media spotlight. “She deserves any criticism she might receive. If she’s constructive, I’ll learn. If she’s frivolous, I won’t pay any attention to her. My fight is very different from hers, but just say thanks if anyone compares meBecause it’s an honor. The more people we are, the better for the present and future of all living beings, including humans.”

He believes that the role of youth is important. “If we don’t change ourselves, who will? If we expect a big change in society, it will never come, because it happens little by little, educating from school, acting from the private sector and We have the power of influence with every act of person, citizen, purchase or consumption. We can change things, but it’s not the most convenient,

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