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DGT B1 accelerates driving licenses so that youth can drive electric quadricycles that do not exceed 90 km/h

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“In accordance with the provisions of the European Driving License Directive, we will regulate a new B1 driving license for electric vehicles from the age of 16 with a maximum speed of 90 km / h and a maximum weight of 400 kg. It is already in Application in countries like France with good results and in favor of the mobility of the youngest people in rural areas, where despite all possible efforts, public transport clearly does not come under conditions such as in a more urban environment. youth of the regions

As such, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has announced that 16-year-olds will have a special driving license to be able to drive electric quadricycles, which are more economical and have enough autonomy for intercity trips. do it daily For this new license the youth have to pass an exam.

Road Safety Strategy 2020-2030

The minister made this announcement in the framework of the presentation of the New Road Safety Strategy 2020-2030 which aims to halve the number of traffic accidents in 2019 from 1,755 deaths and 8,613 seriously injured people. “Covid has arrived since the study in 2020 and it is of no use to us”, as recorded by DGT Director Pere Navarro. The aim of reducing deaths by 50% is set by both the United Nations and the European Union. meets the challenge

According to Grande-Marlaska, the new strategy is designed to be “a flexible project over four biennial periods that will allow it to adapt to changes in safe and sustainable mobility.”

One of these changes, the minister recalled, is that “the EU will be the first region in the world to be CO2 neutral and reduce emissions by 55% compared to 1990. If the EU’s forecasts are met.” , then there will be no diesel and gasoline cars. Can be sold.” Until January 1, 2035.”

Biennial Plan 2022-2023

Within the First Biennial Plan 2022–2023, Grande-Marlasca detailed several more lines of action, in addition to the introduction of new permits by points.

Firstly, “Incorporating safe and sustainable mobility education into the school curriculum. For the first time in the history of our country, LOMLOE includes training in safe and sustainable mobility in the school curriculum. This will be implemented progressively. Starting from the next school year .

Continuing with education, this is also the first period, another measure will be “Start-ups with the title of Superior Technician in Safe and Sustainable Mobility in Professional Training have already been created. Next fall the first courses will train those professions.” will start doing those that are needed”.

Safe and efficient mobility courses will also be consolidated, which “along with improvements in traffic law allows you to gain 2 points from the license to take these courses.”

The Minister also recalled specific courses for workers using motorcycles. For motorcycle users, another measure is a permit exam, ie the mandatory use of airbags for high-capacity motorcycles. “We are committed to promoting airbags for motorists using high displacement motorcycles.”

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The minister also announced that “after the corresponding market prospecting process, we will soon tender for general acquisition of airbags for agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group.”

“Another initiative would be to promote examinations in passenger cars with automatic transmission. Presently, 98% of examinations are conducted with manual transmission. We are working on promoting and facilitating the use of vehicles with automatic gear change for drivers. Introduce new drivers to electric vehicles,” Grande-Marlasca said. Modern electric vehicles do not have a manual transmission.

Psychotechnic MS Hard

On the other hand, another measure would be to review and update the “Protocol for Psychological Aptitude Testing in Driver’s Medical Examination Centers, unchanged from 2007. Fifteen years later, as has been the case with points-based licensure, we believe that the revision of the proper word for”, according to the minister.

In addition, from the Ministry of the Interior, cities with more than 50,000 residents will be helped to prepare to implement low-emission zones on a mandatory basis from January 1, 2023, and improve traffic rules to protect users. “We will regulate compulsory civil liability insurance” in relation to the use of personal mobility vehicles (VMPs).

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