19-J. The empty Spain in the Andalusian elections (or in the process) slips through January


Jan Merece Ms is the only local platform presented in Andalusia and aspires to repeat Teruel’s success. It broadcasts the citizens’ anger of “nobody” for decades.

One of the civil protests organized by Jao's protest platforms
One of the civil protests organized by January’s protest forums in the capital of Jan in February last year.Europa Press
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Teruel Exists was born in 1999 as a civic movement, as a platform, to channel dissent institutional abandonment from the province. With hardly any service, a lack of critical infrastructure and spatial isolation, the demographic hemorrhage was unstoppable and the road channeled the outrage of its residents. In November 2019, Teruel Exists took the form of an electoral ballot and won the general election in that Aragonese province. The result, a deputy and two senators who are able to add to the national political agenda.

That’s the path Jan wants to follow as the first stop for the regional elections on June 19. After listening to the promises of politicians while participating for decades economic collapse And the province’s social security, which began as a banner civic movement, was transformed into an electoral list and the entrance to the Spanish event was evacuated to the Andalusian community.

Two local parties born last year in the heat of popular outrage, Jan Deserves More and Levanta Jan, will finally present themselves in a single integration list The Por did not arrive in time to register as an electoral alliance following an agreement between the two structures, in the style of Andalucá.

In this way, candidates for Levante Jan will be presented in the Jan Deserves More list, which is the mark Jan’s people will find on the electoral ballot when they go to vote next June 19.

We were fed up, said Levanta public coordinator, Javier Signor, a lawyer for Linares, to explain the steps he had taken since then. social activism For politics and which, he admits, is a detour.

but behind he counts on being civic support Which in recent years brought thousands of people together on the streets in mobilization called by Dawa Forums of the People.

Says Signer, this was the next step in the social activism they reached on the roof and before empty promises This remained the only answer from the politicians.

To forget, to ignore, to abandon… These are just some of the synonyms in the vocabulary of Jan’s candidacy and deserves more (Levanta Jan is included in that list). And this coalition government PP and citizens criticizing the leader of Levanta Jan is no exception.

Juanma Moreno was in Linares and he promised us scheme specific But nothing has come of it here, he complains, convinced that the problem is that those who are elected by the people protect not the interests of the province, but of their own party, to which they bow.

Juanma Camacho and Javier Signor after signing the deal.
Juanma Camacho and Javier Signor after signing the deal.World

Juanma Camacho, the coordinator of Jan Mares Ms., enumerated the list of complaints: Jan, he says, is the only Andalusian province that population is lost Calculations from the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA) over the past half century show that it will lose 103,000 more residents between now and 2040. Added to this is that January is the province with the fewest doctors and nurses. of the community or that regularly tops unemployment figures, with 40% youth unemployment. Camacho describes it as January’s abuse.

For all this, Signor insists, the candidacy of a province independent of the large traditional parties was necessary.

the future passes A Party Localists in January and Leventa Jan and Jan Mares Ms are both aware that individually they have little chance of exerting the effect they aspire to. Integration is candidacy, they maintain, the first step.

Originally, Levanta Jan was born from the triangle formed by Linares, Andajar or Beda, while Jan Meres Ms originated in the capital.

On his birth and now on his presentation on the political stage he is professionals All types, from lawyers like Sagner to workers in the hotel sector like Camacho. A plural representation, they say, of Jain society.

As for the election hopesThe coordinator (and candidate) of Jan Meres Ms. explains that we are on the ground and aware of the difficulties. He details that the polls give him between zero and two deputies, but whatever the result on June 19, he insists that this is only the beginning and that all subsequent election appointments will have ballots submitted. .

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