$2 million tent stolen from New York church


Police believe that the thieves forcibly entered the temple, which is currently under construction, and used tools to open an altar and extract valuables more than a century old.

in St. Augustine's Church, Brooklyn, NY.
in St. Augustine’s Church, Brooklyn, NY.EM

A golden tent worth more than $2 million has been stolen from a Catholic church in the New York District BrooklynAs reported by local media this Sunday.

Police believe that the thief They forcibly entered the temple, is currently under construction, and they used tools to open an altar and move a valuable item more than a century old.

simultaneously, mutilated statues of angels that roamed the room, According to officials at the San Agustin Church, located in the Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn.

“This is destructive, because the tabernacle is the central axis of our church outside of prayer,” said the priest. Frank Tumino.

“Knowing that a thief broke into the holiest of our beautiful church and went to great lengths to break the security system a heinous act of disrespect,” e.t.c

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