20 Lovepis Bar and Restaurant 1 euro . Let’s celebrate World Tapas Day with Croquettes


From Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 June, about twenty establishments in this traditional neighborhood will be serving different versions of the Queen of Tapas.

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Galician laccan, chorizo, and San Simone cheeses at O ​​Pazo de Lugo.

A culinary format synonymous with Spanish gastronomy? There’s no doubt about it: tapa, that miniature kitchen that holds up to one planetary day (June 16) and who enjoys Great plight in Madrid, Almost as many bars and restaurants as there are. And if there is any queen tenacity, it is crochet, a sublime bite and a seal of quality from any self-respecting establishment, with which 20 Lavapis Establishments (a small gastronomic UN) has decided to celebrate World Tapas Day at a special cost: one euro per unit.

unless Thursday 16 to Sunday 19in this traditional neighborhood the Cook An entire ode to the expanse of béchamel and with various fillings, from classic ham or stew to vegetarian, with exotic or multinational cues.

Black Pudding Croquette at La Buga del Lobo

Fans of Traditional Flavors Can Skip el jamni (Lavapis, 47) and his Iberian croquettes or . try Espronceda. museum of (Santa Isabel, 17) and the spicy chorizo. After the National Recipe Book, in cold corner (Ambassador, 62) They serve them with salmorejo cordobes, “with good ham”; In Broker (Ambassador, 24), with Padron Chili; stewed in oxtail portomarn (Valencia, 4) and very Galician – the caraladas (from lacquered, chorizo ​​and san simone cheese, coated with crispy panko) – these are pazo de lugo (Argumosa, 28). setros They also have their own artisan croquettes: boletus edulis they sign it lopez and lopez (Headlock, 4).

Chorizo, in La Musa de Esproceda.
Chorizo, in La Musa de Esproceda.

In the Italian version we find them in the improvised Cafe Barbieri (Ave Maria, 45) Who returns to the capital’s stage after almost a year off. The local centenarian proposes a quartet –croquitalianus bambinas– Made from raw materials from Transalpine country: jowls (You know, the mask or cheek of a pig); pistachios, again jowls and dried tomatoes; Pumpkin, Pecorino and Truffle and the last one, the mystery and of which only his name is revealed (caponata) They are presented in four units of the same flavor and for 1 euro.

With Leeks and Gorgonzola at El Econo
With leeks and gorgonzola at El Economico.

We now continue in the major “International Fusion” toast and code (Argumosa, 29), where they bet on a Portuguese-Nordic union to prepare a croquette with dried Portuguese cod, smoked salmon, leeks, nutmeg and dill. For the Hispano-Caribbean combination they opt for Wolf’s bug (Argumosa, 11) with croquettes with blood sausage and caramelized onions and because of the exoticism of Indian cuisine they choose Tavern Philomena Social Club (Oliver, 54), here they are served with chicken curry and other condiments.

Pistachios, Guanciale and Dried Tomatoes at the Café
Of pistachios, guanciale, and dried tomatoes at Caffe Barberi.

Even Kilometer 0 and vegetarianism are present in this route Croquetille: In Viva Chapata (Ave Mara, 43) They use oat milk to make delicious béchamel and chickpea flour to fry them; of leeks and spinach as they cook them Matilda Cafe (La Encomienda, 4)—they even offer them with rice flour and lactose-free milk for celiac—and with the same vegetables and Gorgonzola cheese they make them financial (Argumosa, 9).

A full list of participants in this route, organized by the Lavapis Merchant Association, and the timetable in which the croquets are served, can be found on the Lavapis website.

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