2030 Winter Games candidacy ruined by political war


The final meeting ended without an agreement due to Aragon’s rejection of the distribution of competitions initially agreed with Catalonia. The alternatives are not very viable without unity before the IOC

Alejandro Blanco, during an act.
Alejandro Blanco, during an act.EFE

Joint bidding for the 2030 Winter Games has been established. It had expressed support, understood as a bridge project between Catalonia and Spain, especially Aragon, following the wounds left by the ‘Proux’, and as an opportunity to promote the territories of the Pyrenees. Pedro Sanchez, However, repeatedly denied Xavier Lambani, the president of Aragon of his own party, has made it impossible to sign off on the technical delivery of the project. The last of the meetings in search of an agreement, the tenth, abandoned the sentenced project. The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) still expresses a desire to be able to present a viable candidacy, but time is running out and political wars make it a utopia compared to solvent cities such as Sapporo or Vancouver.

Alexander White It is he who has led the project, as the only guarantee is that the leading role falls to the CoE. Now, he feels that all his work, which includes meetings with traders, mayors and quota battles on both sides, has succumbed to political opportunism. I believed that the hardest pulses would be in Catalonia, given the opposition from part of the independence movement to share a project with Spain, but I did not imagine that the mistake would be in Aragon for exactly the same reason, Although in the opposite direction. The president of the COE managed to reach an agreement on the technical delivery of the competitions, but Lamban ultimately considered this was not appropriate, especially due to the concentration of alpine skiing in Catalonia. The post of President of Aragon, PSOE, was incorporated by the Mayor of Zaragoza, George Azkani (PP), which also sought equity in the name with Barcelona.

The CoE, with the support of the government, has been called to present an alternative next Wednesday, as expressed in a statement. But alternatives are scarce, as the “Spanishness” of the project is inseparable for the fauna, and it is difficult if it is only Catalonia that holds the territory. Lamban also stated that Aragon could present a unique candidacy, but that it lacks the international brand provided by Barcelona, ​​apart from having already fallen, with the Jacca project, in the past. Unity was the only possibility, and it was not opposed in Lausanne. Blanco knows that going to the IOC after a war between institutions, such as the one staged in relation to the candidacy, is a definite failure. So the Spanish game loses a game in which politics does not win.

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