22 euros a day across the board: hoteliers revolt against imposing prices freezing which ruins them


The Valencian employers’ union Hosbeck requested the resignation of Minister Belara for not adapting the prices of the holiday program to inflation for the elderly. Puig’s regional secretary of tourism accused him of “lack of sensitivity and alertness”.

Retired at Poniente Beach in Benidorm.
Retired at Poniente Beach in Benidorm.concha fernandez

Social Rights Minister’s announcement, Eoin Belarathat itinerary prices for the elderly would be maintained, well-known inserted, will have a disastrous effect which condemns the ruin of the region. This is a complaint made by Valencian Hotel Management (hosbeck) and even the government of zimo puigoWho sees the program in danger.

Costa Blanca hotels, especially benidormWhich offers 18% of the total places in the programme, is demanding that the next tender documents include an update of prices, at least to adapt them to increases in labor costs, energy and electricity. inflation, something that the Ministry has not addressed. Belara does not intend to raise the cost of trips for the elderly by one cent, but the sector raises its voice, as it assures that the decision makes the program unaffordable.

Keeping the prices means, according to employer data, that they will continue to receive 22 euros net per day and person, on a full-board basis in four-star hotels, including alcohol and water, and access to all will cover. Hotel Services.

We hope the minister can give us the keys to balancing this holiday program with an increase in key hotel costs: labor costs, with wages increasing by 4.5% last week, food and drink increasing by 20% and 150% Energy costs, Hosbeck’s president laments, Tony Major,

There is no logic to deny the economic update of the IMERSO programme, so we demand the minister’s immediate resignation and relief as it is not a success but a waste for many businessmen after two years of unprecedented suffering, the mayor said.

“Lack of sensitivity and reflexes”

They are not alone. He has the Generalitat Valenciana as an ally in this ‘battle’ against the ministry. Autonomous Secretary of Tourism to the Government of Zimo Puig, Francesc Colomer, a decision described as a mistake that puts Immerso at obvious risk because of his lack of sensitivity and reflexes. In fact, the perception of tourism is that a good portion of the hotel industry in the community will be abandoned in order to avoid harm, because it is unacceptable and untenable that the program rests on the detriment of the sector, he insisted.

The Generalitat seeks to act as an intermediary with the government without being able to achieve a dialogue, which will result in an agreement that guarantees the two objectives that the program will accomplish. Tourism offering, on the one hand, implicit prices for the elderly and, on the other hand, contributing and maintaining employment, is already very seasonal, with an estimated 47,000 jobs in the Valencian community alone.

In this sense, Hosbeck misses the investment made by the state, which is about 63 million euros, which it collects according to its calculations, including social security contributions, unemployment benefits that it does not pay and 110 million in taxes. . Immerso will have more difficulties every day finding housing for the program’s more than 800,000 users and will seriously harm both the elderly and workers who should have kept their jobs active, he warned.

This is not the first time that hoteliers and the Valencian administration have called for a review of the entire itinerary for the elderly, which puts on sale 816,029 places during the closing season in June, covering 60% of them was.

In March 2021, the Turismo Comunidad Valenciana convened a work table between the tourism sector and autonomous communities with the most weight in the program, aimed at the government not only to develop a joint strategy to continue to emphasize the need to return to normalcy was to be promoted. But, above all, agreeing to new terms that are compatible with the reality that the region is experiencing after the trauma caused by the pandemic.

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