23 days without ‘important’ match, Madrid tense calm: “Playing is always better with zero risk of injury”


Ancelotti split minutes to keep pace on his way to Paris. How do these weeks affect physical preparation? How is the coaching staff managing it? Experts answer.

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Between the whistles ending the second leg of the semi-finals of Champions against him Manchester City and against the start of the final liverpoolThe real madrid would have lived 23 days, 21 hours and 30 minutes tense calm. Three weeks competitive discount for Liga won with four games to go, which left the doubles against Atlético de Madrid, Levante, Cadiz and Betiso, 573 hours of reflection to duel Stade de FranceTo celebrate the successes of a season recovering from injuries and reaching unexpected heights in October.

But how to maintain competitive tension without external stimuli for so long? How to Manage Templates, it’s better than the backbone ancelotti Play it all or just rest for two weeks? For now, the decision of caraletto We have been taught that everything is measured in millimeters. in that Derby Courtois y Benzema He didn’t dispute even a second and he Modric, Vinicius, Mendy You fede valverde they entered game time instead Casemiro, Croce, Militao and Jovica, what against him Levante ‘Tibu’, Karim and Luka were debuting, who Come on He disputed the entire duel to get his first hat-trickwhat cross He entered for Valverde in the 75th minute and Casemiro, Carvajal and Militao did not jump on the pitch. On Sundays Modric, Benzema and Vinicius did not travel to Cádiz, that Mendy and Camavinga did not leave the band, that Milito, Casemiro and Cross had ninety minutes, Valverde sixty and Carvajal, Ceballos y Hazard Half Hour.

This is the argument of Madrid’s coaching staff, which is led by Ancelotti, but ‘conditioned and advised by the wisdom of’.Sergeant Pintas, which last July drew up a 10-month plan that now in May the Madrid dressing room is like a plane. “we have intensity and commitment during these weeks”, explained caraletto, in the context of rotation and the importance of maintaining and achieving the competitive tension needed to arrive in good standing in Paris. But what do the experts say?

“The important thing is that they come”

“Since you don’t play anything, it’s hard to stay motivated, but it’s very important because Doubt if you have bad feelings or bad results“, Value David Antonaphysical trainers, among others Willie Hernangmez, “For the rest, there are only benefits to spending 24 days without a ‘significant’ match. It’s a month to plan the match, recover from injuries, and reminisce about strength and aerobic work. I won’t do anything new Because in a month you don’t have time to change the physique of the team.”

So if Madrid has shown anything in recent weeks, it is in heavy form in May. “I don’t think the fact of not having a decider is going to weigh them down when it comes to playing the finals”, he assured. Jordi Balcellspreparer who worked with paul machine In Girona and Alavs. “Such a footballer” no stimulation needed, They have become accustomed to playing high-stress competitive sports. The important thing is that they come, that they are available”.

“It’s better to play than to avoid risk”

and Ancelotti’s key to keeping the whole squad in the locker room Stade de France May 28 is not Sports injuriesthe biggest fear that exists in valdebebas during these days. when liverpool The Premier League is played every three or four days and is already shivering with discomfort Fabinho, Salah and Van DijkoIn the sports city of Real Madrid, every detail and every pain is analyzed to avoid muscle problems on the way to Paris. “The only risk may be that playing comfortably may hurt you some unexpected injury, that you go with less stress in accidents And you have a joint problem… but they’ll have more influence there to keep them motivated”, explains Anton.

Balkosh Adds: “When you expose yourself, when you play, there’s always a risk. CDZ was playing and going to exile full, and certainly the Madrid players were not looking for that range. but Being active in competition is more beneficial to receive zero risk of injury It’s always better to play if there’s no discomfort to expose you.”

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