24 people arrested in Melilla for using children to smuggle through “diversion”


The organization monopolized the distribution and retailing of hashish originating from the “Volteo” in the city, i.e. thrown over the fence from Morocco to Melilla

Image of one of the prisoners in Operation Goliath.civil guard

Civil guard arrested melilla One 24 persons of a criminal organization dedicated to human trafficking Minors held in positions of extreme vulnerability to use them for illegal purposes related to drug trafficking,

In addition, he has saved nine foster children in one of the security centers of melillafrom which they collected discarded drug packages Morocco For the autonomous city on the fence, which is placed at the disposal of the juvenile prosecutor’s office.

In a press release, the Armed Institute reported that among the 24 detainees operation goliath He is of Spanish nationality and a resident of Melilla, and has an extensive criminal record.

All of them are accused of the alleged offenses human trafficking, criminal organization and continuing crime drug trafficking,

The organization that has been dissolved has monopolized the distribution and retail of Hutch From the “flip” in the city, that is, thrown over the fence from Morocco melillaA “moss operandi” that began with the closure of the land border in March 2020.

The Civil Guard launched the operation in October 2021 after discovering the existence of an organized group melilla who held minors in a position of extreme vulnerability, protected and inhabited Center for Minors of “La Persima”Which they used to collect drug packages thrown from Morocco over the fence.

The organization used the vulnerable minors they recruited Pick-up at the foot of the cluster’s fenceThus exposing themselves to the risk of being arrested, while other members of the organization remained in the second row away from the border and waited to receive the drug at an agreed-upon location, without any risk.

Once in its possession, the organization moved packages in vehicles to a secure “guardhouse” located in the neighborhood kada de hidumWhere he stored the medicine for later distribution and retail sale by trusted people in different parts of the city.

The criminal organization had people who played specific roles, and it was made up of its members. leaders, other than the They protected the area that controlled the movements Patrols of the Civil Guard; In charge of collecting drug packages under the fence; who made Transportation of the drug to “Gardera”and who eventually devoted themselves to distribution and sales.

leaders were those who personally Contacted by telephone with others in the Moroccan region And he arranged for the day, time and place where the drug was to be released, a crime that was proven “in a very short period of time”, while overseeing all stages of the operation without leaving any details.

During the investigation phase, the Civil Guard has analyzed, controlled and intercepted the total 172 drug packages issued And a total of 275 kilograms of drugs have been confiscated during the investigation phase, mostly hashish, posing as “acorns”, 34 of which were held by detainees.

The biological unit of the Judicial Police of the Melilla Command This investigation has been carried out on the instructions of the Inquiry Court No. MelillaWho kept the stage of exploitation and the proceedings secret until the juvenile prosecutor’s office, which has ensured the legal status and safety of the minors used by the conspiracy.

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