26-year-old woman from Soria arrested for throwing boiling oil on her minor brother


The victim had burns on his head, chest and back and has been referred to La Paz Hospital in Madrid

A woman from Soria was detained till 26

national police arrested 26-year-old woman from Soria Rajdhani as the presumed author of offenses of injuries and abuse by assaulting him in the family sphere minor brother throwing boiling oil on herAs reported by the Government Sub-Delegation in Soria.

The events took place on the morning of this Sunday, June 5 at the family home after discussion Between the prisoner and his brother, a minor.

The woman went to the kitchen, where raised a pan containing boiling oilWhich he threw towards his brother, causing his body to burn.

family members who were at home He immediately informed the emergency services., Agents of the national police and local police were present at the home, as well as medical personnel who, after first aid, decided to transfer the injured person to the Santa Brabara Hospital in the city.

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The victim had burning sensation in the head, chest and back After hospital treatment and evaluation From this city he was referred to the La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

the presumed author of the facts, He was arrested and taken to the police station.Where after giving a statement and at the end of the police proceedings, he was placed at the disposal of the judicial officers.

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