31 complaints of sex ads for bikinis for equal girls


In these campaigns, the girls in attendance pose to imitate a developed chest that does not suit their age or the padding with the clothing

Padded bikini, the subject of a Facua complaint a few years ago
The padded bikini was the subject of a Facua complaint a few years back.FACUA

ministry of equality Total received in first days of June 31 complaints of early sexual abuse of girls Via advertising images of bikinis with poses that don’t suit their age or ads for clothing with padding to simulate a developed chest.

As reported by This Tuesday Women’s InstituteComplaints focused on the early sexualization of girls in advertising, whose mission is to sell bikinis, for which sexual currency is used, bikinis versus panties for girls under the age of three, or clothing with padding.

These pictures condemn the observatory of the Women’s Institute, Upholding the Objective of Women and Gender Stereotypes from an early age and represents a “blatant violation of the rights of girls” and an obstacle to their full development.

two piece bikini for girls

Parallelism states that it has been criticized among the complaints received that large commercial chains display two-piece models for bathrooms for little girls in “exaggeratedly high” numbers than simply offering panties.

In their complaints, they also demand that the textile industry be more careful with the image of girls, as the products they sell “contribute to introducing elements that affect their body perception, which That negative consequences for their self-esteem,

The ministry headed by Irene Monteiro recalls that the sexualization of girls in advertising is a “harmful practice” that has been condemned for years and constitutes “The Most Extreme Expression” of Sexualization of women in general.

Already in 2019, the Observatory of the Women’s Institute in a report condemned the sexualization of girls in advertising images and demanded that the sector end these practices.

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