4 million for the car that won the Spanish F1 Grand Prix in 1991


Nigel Mansell has auctioned the Williams Renault with the FW14-5 chassis that won the 1991 Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya.

1991 British GP .  Nigel Mansell leads Ayrton Senna in his Williams
1991 British GP . Nigel Mansell leads Ayrton Senna in his Williams
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it was not in may but 29 September 1991 When Nigel Mansell aboard a Williams Renault with the FW14-5 chassis once again triumphed over Ayrton Senna’s McLaren, the last of five victories achieved by the British that year, Senna achieved his 8 for 8. did not serve, which he would win his third world title.

Perhaps the most famous photo of this single-seater was the one taken at the British Grand Prix when McLaren dropped the Senna and used it as a taxi One of the waists of Williams from Mansell that got the win.

Mansell had the sad honor of being the last driver recruited by Enzo Ferrari to drive for the Italian team, where he spent two years with a team in transition. after finding out that 1990 Grand Prix of his country Ferrari gave his car to his teammate Prost, I decided to leave the Scuderia in the hands of Frank Williams and return to Williams.

Campaign Con Williams

After coming close to the championship twice with Williams, runners-up in 1986 and 1987, once behind Alain Prost and behind teammate Nelson Piquet, Mansell maintained his ambition to regain the title, which he won in 1992. will gain. with Williams.

It was a different team. To begin with, the engines were no longer Honda, they were Renault and the person in charge of designing the car was the one who is a god in Formula 1 today. Adrian Navy, They made a completely new car, the Williams FW14, except for the 3.5-liter Renault V-10 engine. It was a car that had made remarkable progress. Williams six-speed sequential semi-automatic gearbox. The FW14 generated great anticipation in training within Williams and, with the signing of Mansell in October 1990, it looked like the FW14 would have a bright future in the 1991 Formula 1 season.

In fact, with his rough style of piloting, mancello i squeezed V10 3.5 Dell FW14-5 To get five wins, was the first 7th July in Magni Coursecame after Great Britain Only a week later (more than 42 seconds ahead.) Berger, second classified). later victory will come Germany, Italy And finally Spainwhere Mansell maintained itchy fight with the army,

regallo de williams

In the end, Mansell did not win the drivers’ title that year, but in recognition of his hard work. FW14-5 from Renault Which gave him so much satisfaction. they, no engineWhich was returned to Renault.

Ferrari 640 from 1989, Nigel Mansell .  auctioned by
Ferrari 640 from 1989, Nigel Mansell . auctioned by

Now, Mansell, which needs liquidity, has decided to cash in and sell His Williams FW14-5 for €4.05 million and another jewel in his collection, the Ferrari 640 With which the British driver ran the 1898 championship. It has been auctioned for 3.6 million euros, with these two legends of Formula 1 history no longer in their garages, but with 7.7 million euros more in their checking account.

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