40 years of La Maquina, a family business whose history ‘began’ in a restaurant

Year 1982. January: The country prepares for the Soccer World Cup to be held in Spain in June. February: in the series “Chanquet is dead!” The nation is paralyzed by the cry of blue summer and Mecano and his lost in my room They are on their way to success. march: Carlos Tejedor López opens at 2 La Maquina, a luxury Asturian restaurant in Sor Ngella de la Cruz (Madrid), which will be one of the most popular commercial canteens in the city and the origin of a powerful hotel group based in the capital (more than two million customers pass through its premises each year and sell more than 60,000 kg of seafood and its More than 50,000 kg of the famous Russian salad).

Four decades ago, in this machine (today The Original Machine), weavers of Asturian origin, Propose a visit to the kitchen of your little homeland, He knew gastronomy well: through his father, in the 1930s, His parents – Narcissa and Nemesio – opened a restaurant in the Medina del Campo (Valladolid), and personally, at age 14 he started as a waiter in Oviedo and later pursued a career in restaurant companies in Switzerland and the Balearic Islands.

In the center of the picture, the young Carlos Tejedor, the founder of the group, is now retired.
In the center of the picture, the young Carlos Tejedor, the founder of the group, is now retired.

These lights made a restless merchant, From the quintessential business area north of Madrid, Group. Roberto, his son and the company’s executive chef, calls these 40 years “the birth and consolidation of a family dream, after much work and effort. A project, first, and a reality, now, which spans three generations and started with my grandparentswho built the first dining house in the Medina del Campo”.

Roberto’s memories are “the ones I was searching for through my family, because the machine is bigger than me.” Then they are already theirs. “After a hard training inside and outside the company, I found out I had a place, that my passion was the kitchen“, explains today’s time when there was “great enthusiasm and hours of work, where self-demanding was high, as it aimed to form the foundation we maintain today”.

Original Machine, with the motto of the house: ‘Friendship, business and happiness are forged on a fine table’.

The walls of La Maquina, since its inception, bear the motto of the house: “A good table creates friendship, business and happiness”, It has rained a lot, but the philosophy hasn’t changed. “Despite the passage of time, that family essence and the impression of founder Carlos Tejedar López continues to be maintained. [hoy retirado, aunque visita muy a menudo los restaurantes], Sample, as we affectionately call it. Over several lunches he has shared with me his experience and the good work that has brought the group the success it has achieved over the years”, explains Javier Rueda, Group CEO since 2017, Experienced Manager of MNCs,

“There is only one way to achieve it: of excellence. It begins with Get the best raw material, bring it in and put it on the table, We don’t wait for them to come and offer it to us, we go looking for it,” says Rueda, who “works hard and hands-on.” Robert and Serge“, son of Sample,

Grupo La Mo CEO Javier Rueda
Javier Rueda, CEO of La Maquina Group.

As such, they source directly from the main Spanish markets and farmers and ranchers. This, along with “respect, professional, but not far in the treatment of product and service,” Tejador- specifies, is the key to success. But there is more. “During these years we have been Transforming processes and professionalizing managementn, aspects that have helped us in the time of crisis that the region has faced with the pandemic,” says Rueda.

They were not spared either. “Finally, we are able to survive with the difficulties of the situation. It’s so hard to see a restaurant shut down without incurring the income and expenses every month, However, with the help and commitment of all those who did their job, to whom we thank for their understanding, we have come out of the crisis”, details Rueda, while estimating that They will continue with “expanding the group, opening more restaurants and creating jobs”.Says the CEO.

Machine Garden.

as, are not foreseen The opening of a machine and gate 57 in the Kaleido Tower. to reopen – In Santiago Bernabeu – a site remodeled for the renovation of the Real Madrid stadium. Joining the latter, they have (from Ponzano to La Moraleja) 16 Premises (13 Dining Rooms, Recently Opened Gastrobar and Two Leisure Spaces gastroldico,“Each with his own personality [carta y/o decoracin], No two are alike at all. It’s the opposite idea of ​​a franchise in which everything is repeated,” concluded Rueda.

Note: Original Machine (1982); Casa Nemecio (2002) and Casa Narcisa (2008), in honor of both parents Sample, Door 57 (2004, today under renovation); Station Canteen (2008); La Maquina La Moraleja (2007), Chambers (2012) and Jorge Juan (2015); Machine Garden (2016); All three in the gourmet experience of El Vagn de La Mquina de Castellana, Goya and Gran Via, El Corte Ingls (2012), and La Parrilla de La Mquina (2021). And, to complete the experience (dinner show), in La Boutique, La Moraleja (2012) and Marab (2018), where They have just opened, Tapadera, an American-style gastrobar.

have seafood and fish
Seafood and fish are plentiful in its restaurant menu.

The essence of the menu is, above all, fish and seafood, “with a touch, like at Casa Nemesio, with rice dishes. Nevertheless, they are all very lively and after each opening, we are adding new dishes.” The menu changes every day, via tips and seasonal products”, explains Roberto. Now, with Levant of bluefin tunaoffer recipes with Thunnas Tight: Grilled Tarantello, Ventresca, Tartar, Steak…

What are the types of group restaurants? Robert Dixit: “I would define them as honest. Always giving the best, at the best possible price. Simple extension of all life; Although its cuisine has been refurbished according to current values, low fat and sugar, sustainable fishing… without sacrificing an iota of taste”.

M.  Key Grill
Machine Grill.

rely A committee that meets every month to examine and “improve” the quality of the products. This commitment stems from the reception of raw ingredients by restaurant chefs, who reject items that do not meet quality standards, and continue daily when Management staff visit many of our dining rooms as another customer”Roberto Tejador concludes.

All are in pursuit of the vision of this forty-year-old school, which is celebrating its anniversary and continues to be a meeting place for business, family and leisure meals.

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