40 Years of the 82 World Cup: Maradona’s ‘beating’, Schumacher’s brutal kick and Sandro Pertini’s jump


Four decades ago, Spain hosted the World Cup, a few months before Felipe González’s massive win in the general classification, box office records for “Et., El Extraterrestre” and the premiere of “Thriller”.

We had great enthusiasm and high hopes on June 13, 1982. With the Argentina–Belgium match at Camp Nou, the Soccer World Cup began with 24 teams instead of 16 for the first time. World Cup Football World Cup in Spain. From Spain, yes. Certainly: because it was held here and because it was common for the hosts to score high.

I didn’t like the event’s symbol, mascot or whatever we want to call it: little orange, A spherical-citric monstrosity. Round like a balloon, yes. But also in the form of a marble, which is the metaphor of the Jabberized Ball. Nothing can be better for superstitious people than this. They were correct, as Spain, included in Group 5, were tied, and by a penalty, with weaker Honduras. A painful victory (2-1) against Yugoslavia gave us a break. Despite losing 1-0 to Northern Ireland, we reached the second round.

In this we won Germany 2-1. And we drew 0-0 with England. Goodbye to illusions and hopes. The 19 people who stepped on the grass a lot or a little were not able to reverse the fatalism of national football. selector, Jose Emilio Santamar, repeatedly who knows how many times: “We are in a positive line of work”. Rarely has a football statement sounded so inappropriate and empty. It cost him the job.

In addition to the victory of Italy with the Spanish crash and part of the team turned to the catwalk sex symbol ,Conti, Cabrini, Antagoni, Rossi, Altobelli…), remembers the jump of joy in the box from that World Cup, laughing with the old Italian president’s label, sandro pertinI stood while king juan carlosTrembling, he tried in vain to bring her back to the sitting position. and marking atheistPerden, D CruelOne maradona, And the aggression of the German goalkeeper, schumacherforward franc batiston,

In a pumped ball, Batiston jumps. And Schumacher, ignoring anything but the French’s head, punched him with premeditation, treachery, viciousness and a guillotine business, as if struck by lightning, knocking Batiston unconscious. While everyone circles around the fallen man, the goalkeeper, who has slowly retreated toward his goal, calmly contemplates the scene there. The villain didn’t come for free. He became the most unpopular figure in Germany, advertising contracts were terminated and, although he continued to defend the national goal, his figure was no longer the same in the eyes of fans and citizens as a whole.

Felipe Gonzalez gets 10 million votes

The citizen here did not get too depressed about the role of his team. At that time we didn’t think about politics more than football. or more or less. We were about to take one of the biggest turning points in our history (with capital letters), and, moreover, peaceful, in the 20th century. On October 28, three days before, a few months after the football failed John Paul II Step up and kiss Barajas, over 10 million votes (10,127,392) give PSOE an absolute majority Philip Gonzalez,

What the anti-NATO was going to do with Felipe’s acceptance of a request promoted by the defeated President, as a member of the organization by the Alliance of Spain, Leopoldo Calvo-Sotello… well, back off, forget about “NATO, from the beginning, no” and “NO NATO, base out” and declare that a referendum will be held on the matter. And PSOE itself would later campaign in favor of Yes. Does tomorrow feel like today?

History repeats itself. NATO will return to Spain this June 2022. Like Halley’s Comet and almost as old as they’ve come back, Rolling stone In the area of ​​Atleti. That 1982, in July, he performed at Vicente Caldern. In this 2022, in Wanda Metropolitano.

In June, Bara’s fans didn’t care about the World Cup shock. And not just because they were the only ones in the selection Very far, alexanko, was attempted Sanchez (Catalan only) and quinoaNot much, but because the club signed Maradona for 1,200 million pesetas (just over seven million euros).

And yes, politics. adolfo surezo Founded the Social Democratic Center (CSD). a Weaver You Milanes del Bosch 30 years fell on him. santiago carrillo Left the Communist Party in the hands of another Asturian, Gerardo Iglesias (What often nicknames!) The politico-military ETA handed over its weapons, although the entire organization did not support it…

Despite the disappointment of the World Cup, people had a good time. La Movida Madrid did its job. ET., alien It broke box office records in the United States and was announced in Spain for Christmas. and by those dates he was supposed to come Thrillerof Michael Jackson,

Who cared about football?

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