5 new series to watch in marathon mode


We recommend that the 5 series recently brought to the stage that are going to get people talking.

5 new series to watch in marathon mode
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For those who want to discover new series, here are five offers on the platform like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix or Movistar Plus+,

Ice Age: The Adventures of Scrat (Disney+)

A recommendation specifically aimed at the little ones in the household. Scrat, the squirrel we met in the saga ice age In search of acorns for half the planet, it has its own series. A production with eight very short chapters in which we see her with her son, she is also determined to get the precious food. Very soulful humor in a series that can be seen in less than 30 minutes. You can reach here to subscribe to Disney+.

Welcome to EDN (Netflix)

A series with a very ambitious plot in terms of theme (with echoes of .) lost, squid game You Different) which has caught many youths in its grip. An island, some owners (Amaya Salamanca and Guillermo Fanning) with lots of strength and a group of young people who are looking for the great adventure of their life. A teen thriller with these elements is woven in with scintillating touches that (almost) give prominence to new faces such as Amaia Abrasturi, Lola Rodriguez, Begoa Vargas, Sergio Momo and Ana Mena,

Bunker (HBO Max)

From Mexico comes a chain that mixes Fantasy and lots of humor In which almost all the action takes place inside a bunker. a place in which A man obsessed with saving himself from the end of the world (Series star Bruno Bichir) expects to remain calm. But nothing like this is possible. with a lot of rhythm in a pilot we found that Vladimir (Bichir) do not be alone And have to face some kidnappers who want to spoil her new and peaceful life. Subscribe to HBO Spain here.

Bosch: Legacy (Amazon Prime Video)

A year ago, after seven seasons, a series that changed Titus Welliver In a world star. your character, Harry Bosch was the brainchild of novelist Michael Connelly Which managed to convince the public with a very special character and fight against injustice. Now, this new production (sequel or spin-off, depending on how you look at it) presents him as a self employed detective and encounters a group of powerful people living outside the law. A series with lots of action. Amazon Prime Video Subscription Available Here.

The Man Who Fell to Earth (Movistar Plus+)

Chiwetel Ejiofor ,12 years slavery) a. is the hero of Science fiction series that continues the story that began in 1976 to film the man who fell to the ground, on that tape David Bowie played an alien Who came to earth with a very special mission. Now, his successor faces Ejiofor with another new mission he will have as an ally. A Scientist (Naomi Harris), sky fall,

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