5 tips to use sunscreen this summer

As much as we like to leave the pale whites of winter, dermatologist They never tire of repeating the damage it causes Sun exposure. We talk a lot about the beauty problems that arise (premature aging, wrinkles and spots, especially on the face) as well as major evils, such as skin cancer, which represent one in three in the world. In fact, only in Spain, according to recently presented data 49th Congress of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) is diagnosed 78.000 New cases per year.

Ideally, to avoid both the “minor” and the major evils, it would be In order not to be exposed to sun radiation, Minus those 10 minutes a day (and no better for your face) than what experts recommend in order to have a perfect synthesis vitamin D. However, given the reluctance of many not to leave it on beaches and swimming pools, sunscreen This undoubtedly turns out to be a defense always at hand.

With regard to these cosmetics that protect against solar radiation, it should be noted that it is important not only which one to choose, but also How and when to apply and apply again. All keys below.

Best tips to use sunscreen this summer


What should be in the ideal sunscreen?

Before we dive into the tips on using sunscreen this summer, let us know all natural characters You must have photoprotector ideas.

“A photoprotector should cover a broad spectrum of solar radiation to prevent and even repair its harmful effects. The appropriate SPF would be 50 o 50+, never below 30, But since the amount of product used in the study is higher than day-to-day comparisons, it is better not to go below 50+ in acute exposure. possibly above 50+ there is no change clinically relevant safety,” Dr. Leticia Alonso, Dermatologist at Pedro Jan Group.

According to Ms. Perfect Protector, Alonso, Must protect against:

  • ultraviolet rays, Involved in photoaging and pigmentation, but also involved in carcinogenesis, which is the progressive transformation of normal cells into malignant cells.
  • uvb rays, Those that cause erythema or irritation, immunosuppression and skin cancer.
  • IR (infrared), These are responsible for a large proportion of the radiation reaching the skin and cause inflammation and changes of the deep dermis (photoaging).
  • Ideally, the photoresist should also cover visible light, Especially in people with pigmentation such as melasma or intigo.

On the other hand, sunscreens may contain typical antioxidant agent, which are important for reducing oxidative stress generated by radiation, and DNA repair agents.

What is the design of the ideal photoprotector?

photoprotector cosmetics It also has importance and is not a secondary aspect, because depends on its texture make it easy and less tiring fact of apply and reapply Correct. “If you don’t have a good cosmetic and an easy application, it’s difficult for us to apply it correctly”, emphasizes Leticia Alonso.

Dermatologists ideally recommend A light texture, non-comedogenic And with good tolerance.



5 tips to use sunscreen this summer

Dermatologists always stress the importance of applying sunscreen. among other things because studies use in large quantities Used by the general population, so don’t get lost.

So you should always keep these tips in mind:

  1. Sunscreen should be applied at least half an hour before of the exhibition. The ideal is to apply a photoprotector at home, before going to the beach, and preferably all over the body, even where the sun isn’t going to hit us (because, really, you never know.. .) That’s because “the chemical filter needs that period to penetrate the skin well and begin to function,” he explains. begoa games, specialist in the treatment of Yves Rocher.
  2. Always use a fair and generous amount. While it’s not a good idea to go too far, falling short when applying the photoprotector would be a serious mistake and would result in insufficient protection. In numerical terms, the correct amount would be equal to 2mg per square centimeter, or, which is the same, “fill the palm of the hand in each application”, as Leticia Alonso indicates. Dr. Maria Vicente from the clinic aesthetic qualities, That said, it would be necessary to use at least two fingers of the product on the face, at least for the face.
  3. Re-applying is just as important as applying. Just giving us a photoprotector before leaving the house is not enough. “Of course you have to reapply it every two hours And in the right amounts,” recalls Vicente. This, which seems trivial to many, has not caught on for others. more than half the youth Sun cream is not reapplied during the day, as explained in the report ‘Habits of Photoprotection’. Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory IFC.
  4. After each bath… a new application. can be a savior ‘waterproof’ ensures longer shelf life of the product in the water,” but you have to add Touch of sand, waves… And we can’t trust each other,” says Begoa Gamez. So, after each bath, with dry skin, you have to use sunscreen again.
  5. Don’t forget the delicate areas. Dr. Ricardo Ruiz, from International Dermatology Clinic, Adds to the importance of protecting certain areas with creams, such as ears, lips and nose, “Where Dermatologists Operate More Skin Cancers”.

Having said all that, one last piece of advice: no matter how much protection we wear, we shouldn’t abuse it, It’s better to go in the shade for a while, And above all avoid burns, which are most inherent in the presence of long-term diseases.

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