6 Little-Known Chains That Will Get You Hooked


We’ve ‘dived’ into the catalogs of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Filmin’, Apple+ and Movistar Plus+ to find series that aren’t as well known as they should be.

6 Little-Known Chains That Will Get You Hooked
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dry grass The series that not everyone talks about And they deserve it. Here are six recommendations on the platform like Apple TV+, Movistar Plus+, HBO Max, Netflix, Filmin or Amazon Prime Video.

OPERACIN XTASIS (Undercover) (Netflix)

from Belgium A series ensues in which Spaniard Ruban Ochandiano takes part, bringing to life a link with a group of drug traffickers. In this production, as can be guessed from the title, The drug and its accompanying traffickers make for a very interesting thriller In which we get to know sinister smugglers, infiltrating police officers and countless secondary characters. Used to be success in half of Europe And many here have found that it is in line with other great stories featuring gangsters.

How to Enter the Garden (HBO Max)

Olivia Colman (Oscar winner favorite) You David Thewlis (saga harry potter) are two English stars who star in A four-part mini-series based on true events. a proposal that is eagerly eaten and in which the story begins with the discovery of two dead bodies in the garden Of a house own them a very reserved marriage Gradually, generating all sorts of unknowns, we learn the details of their strange and reserved lives as a couple. Subscribe to HBO Max Spain here.

Afterparty (Apple TV+)

half comedy, half thriller With an air of Hercules Poirot, this series is a nice surprise, When a rich and famous young man dies in the middle of a party with former classmates, everyone present becomes suspicious. what makes it different afterparty is that Each of its nine chapters counts on a different genre.Taking advantage of the perspective of each of the potential offenders. Christopher Miller, its creator, already given a good example of mixing styles class intrusion You the LEGO movie, There will be a second season.

As We Watch (Amazon Prime Video)

a brave series This, almost certainly, will change the look of many people. This American production is a remake of the Israeli series. on the spectrum, And what is it about? Well, nothing less than the adventures of A group of boys with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Those who live in a shelter home and have a caregiver who helps them in case they face any difficulties. And be careful because there are so many… behind this series we find producers like Jason Katims (roswell, Friday night Lights) Amazon Prime Video subscription available here.

Newsreader (Filmin)

Anna Torv, the protagonist fringe (If you haven’t seen it, you should do it as soon as possible) a . is the star of Series about journalists arriving from Australia. Torv plays Helen, a TV presenter who enjoys prestige and has more than one ‘corpse’ in the closet. A big change has come since K’s entry into the newsroom dale jennings (Sam Reid), a news-hungry young man she must go with Cover news such as the explosion of the Shuttle Challenger, the spread of AIDS or the legacy of Halley’s Comet. And so far we can read…

Silent Witness (Movistar Plus+)

Any lover of British or English series knows very well that we are facing a proposal which is Guaranteed to have a good (and entertaining) time in front of the television. Its 24 Seasons Are the Best Letters of Introduction to Have Ever Aired A police thriller in which each case runs for two chapters. Much like a forensic team in all of them CSI They should find out who did the murder. to highlight The Great Role of Emilia Fox ,Pianist) as Dr. Nikki Alexander.

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