6 sensual high voltage series for a ‘hot’ night


We list a selection of series with a great sensual load on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney+.

6 Series High Voltage ER
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Drama and comedy on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max or Disney+ includes many erotic scene That leaves (much or less) room for the imagination. here they go Some ideas for spending a ‘different’ night.

Light (Netflix)

Unprecedented, addictive and above all, free of prejudice, is his milda Spanish production that already has five seasons in which it shows some Hormoned young people so revolutionized that without any shame joined with everyone. Of course, almost always with a criminal conspiracy as a background.

INSTINCT (Movistar+)

Mario Casas is the big attraction of this thriller In which its protagonist is a successful businessman with a busy (and hidden) nightlife. Between compromise and compromise, Marco (Casas) moves to a liberal club where everything is allowed. a series of high erotic content in which they also participate Ingrid Garcia Jonsson, Sylvia Alonso and Scar CasasuBrother of the protagonist in real life.

Pam and Tommy (Disney+)

One of the most famous theft videotapes in history – featuring a sexual relationship between two superstars on a boat – has surfaced as a result.A very naughty comedy that has no shortage of nudity featuring declassified singer Tommy Lee and actress Pamela Anderson. By the actors who played him: Sebastian Stan and Lily James. take a look at the scene where Tommy Lee’s giant member talks to the camera, You can reach here to subscribe to Disney+.

Game of Keys (Amazon Prime Video)

a Mexican comedy in which a group of friends pose A game in which it is allowed to be used with members of unrelated pairs. Soft sexuality that may reconsider many of their relationship repertoire. The Spanish adaptation for cinema was recently released in theaters with actors such as Mirren Ibargueren, Eva Ugarte or Tamar Novas. Amazon Prime Video Subscription Available Here.

Sex / Life (Netflix)

from the beginning of this series The sex life maintained (and, above all, maintained) by a married woman in New York The spectacular surroundings lead to endless extreme sensual scenes. But, for those looking for something stronger, there is nothing better than waiting for the third chapter. TookOr what looks like in the 19th minute is going to leave more than one (and one) mouth open…

Euphoria (HBO Max)

With great dramatic load, Zendaya Starring Series students to dive into the intimacy of a group of students Show relationships in which sex plays a big role, what aspire Leads to disenchantment and happiness alike Bigger than the characters we see love in almost every chapter. Subscribe to HBO Max Spain here.

Coffee with the Aroma of Coffee (Netflix)

This is not an erotic series, but a Colombian soap opera Which is one of the most watched on Netflix. But don’t be fooled, this production’s biggest claim could be to many. William Levy, the ‘Good Man’ of the Time Unraveling the madness while passing through Madrid a while back. Shop & Compare…

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