7 Reasons Why it is impossible to avoid Ranveer Singh!!! – Here is fact check

Ranveer Singh is one actor who is here to make a lot of “band” and “baja” and to “kill” many “Dils”. Here are few reasons why no one can ignore this vivacious hero of Bollywood:


Ranveer Singh Most Dashing Superstar1. A Charming personality: Ranveer is the most charming hero of Bollywood. In his debut film “Band Baja Barat” he portrayed the character of a charming and helping boy who can make anybody happy with his presence. But in real life too he is such an interesting character.

2. Mr Handsome: Ranveer can make any girl fall for him with his dashing looks and phenomenal body. In his films “Ladies vs Ricky Behl” and “Raamleela” he has displayed much style and rowdiness.

3. An Excellent Actor: Ranveer can pull any role and play any type of characters. From Bittu of “Band Baja Baarat” to a con man of Ladies vs Ricky Behl and the modern “Romeo” Raam of Raamleela, he is comfortable in each and every role.

4. The Funny guy: he is a man with an excellent quality of wit. He is one of the few Bollywood actors who have a great sense of humor. And as we all know girls go crazy for such boys!!!!

5. A ladies’ Man: yes for sure!!!! He has charmed most of the leading ladies of Bollywood, from Anushka to Deepika all got hitched in his magical personality.

6. A Friendly personality: he is one of those characters of the industry who hates controversies in all possible means. He does not have any enemy and does not have any bitter behavior. From his fans to his colleagues and even the media all have nothing negative to say about this cute guy!!!!

7. Relationship with Deepika: it is the most fascinating gossip of Bollywood that if Ranveer and Deepika are dating or not and if they are already a couple or not. This suspense has make Ranveer Singh all the more popular among his fans.

Ranveer Singh is undoubtedly one of the most popular actors with all the abilities to become a superstar. He is talented, witty, funny, a great dancer and great with girls. Now if one can have all these qualities who can avoid him…..!!!!!!

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