82% of Spaniards are ashamed of their bodies when they go to the beach or pool


43% of Spaniards are influenced by social pressure or what their environment thinks of their bodies when summer arrives

After the recent storm that hit Arquipi, many tourists enjoy the pleasant temperatures at Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
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  • dysmorphic disorder The obsession with showing off that keeps you from living a normal life
  • alexander censarado “Adolescents who mix badly with their mothers are more insecure about their bodies”

According to a recent survey conducted by TopDoctors, 82% of Spaniards admit to feeling ashamed of their bodies when they go to the beach or pool, and for women under 30, this figure rises to 92% has gone.

The survey showed that there are more and more people who decide to take care of themselves throughout the year (45%), however, with the arrival of summer 43% of Spaniards are affected by social pressure or what their environment says about them. thinks. physique. Is The negative impact is much greater in the case of young women. (under the age of 30), where the figure rises to about 70% among those who question themselves because of external criticism.

Summer is a time when people decide to go on a diet. Notably, with respect to these consultations, according to TopDoctors, they have experienced an increase of 15 to 20%. ace, One in ten respondents said that, systematically around these dates, they go on a diet., This group includes those who say that, because these years of imprisonment have taken their toll, this year they are going to do it (15%) and who, directly indicating that they live their lives on a rule are (24%) ).

Also, 6.5% of those surveyed claimed to follow a ‘fashionable’ diet, recommended by celebrities, influencers or someone they know. From Topdoctors, they explain that it is important to put yourself in the hands of qualified experts, not only because of the health risks, but also because better results will be guaranteed.

Of the goals set by those surveyed, 86% set some goal, such as losing weight (64%), followed by toning or building muscle (41%). “The expectation of a change of clothes and a slight tightening of last year’s shirt also encourages us to recharge our batteries with sports practice,” said TopDoctors traumatologist Vicente de la Verga.

in the subject Beauty Treatment Most sought after by the Spaniards, for the most part, non invasive, Their demand increases significantly with the arrival of summer, despite the fact that more than half of those surveyed say they are not interested. In fact, one in four Spaniards recognizes Spend more money on beauty and wellness products or services on these dates.

In this sense, non-invasive body treatments (27%) lead the list, such as massage, press therapy, radiofrequency or cavitation; They are followed by facials (23%) such as skin cleansing, peeling or radiofrequency. With regard to those considered aggressive, they are a minority in the general population, although somewhat more common (7%) than those with a facial body (4%). According to the results they are People who admit they feel more ashamed of their bodies tend to resort to treatment moreBoth non-invasive and surgical interventions.

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