A 14-year-old minor was seriously injured after being stabbed in the neck and buttocks next to his school in Vallecas


minor under the age of 14

a minor of 14 years seriously injured After a knife attack on the door of a school in Valaques. The young man has been hit twice with a knife. one in the neck and one in the buttocks, According to preliminary investigation, he was attacked by members of a gang at the gate of a Chinese establishment and near the school. Bleeding, he walked a few meters which separated him from his school, the Salmentino Concert Center, where he entered to ask for help.

The first to arrive were national agents, who placed a homeostatic dressing on the boy’s buttocks to stop the bleeding. He was then assisted by paramedics from Samur-Civil Protection, who verified that he still had the knife in his throat, so they proceeded to immobilize it so that it would not cause vascular damage.

While performing the CT scan, doctors have verified that the knife blade remains in the right pectoral region. The wound was going inside and there was no problem in breathing. With a stable knife, he was transferred to the Children’s Area of ​​the Gregorio Maran Hospital in the custody of the National Police, where he was admitted in a serious but stable condition.

The National Police conducts fact checks and interrogates both the victim and potential witnesses. The injured Spanish police sources, who were born in 2007, have detailed Europa Press. His father is of Latin American descent. At present, many hypotheses are open. The school has barred students from leaving the classroom to prevent them from watching the scene.

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