A 38-year-old climber died after falling from a ridge in the Aragonese Pyrenees


The victim, a resident of Barcelona, ​​was rescued alive, but she died in a helicopter being taken to the hospital due to serious injuries.

crash site.
crash site.civil guard
  • Aragonese Pyrenees 500 meters. Death while practicing base jumping by jumping off

a montera, neighbor of Barcelona and 38-year-old, died this Sunday after falling from a ridge in the municipality of Huesca Forum, In Pyrenees Aragon

The woman has been saved alive, but due to the seriousness of the injuries, she has died while being referred. Benask Civil Guard helicopter.

on top of the accident bardamina, At an altitude of 3,079 m, where Montera has gone down a slope with snow towards Ibn Chelou de Llardanas, Located in Posets-Maladata Natural Park.

This Sunday afternoon, 112 notices have been received from the climber’s companion informing the situation Huesca. the civil guard Explaining that he could not reach the place where he had fallen.

Benasque Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group K has moved to the indicated location in the helicopter Civil Guard Air Unit Backed by 061 doc.

An expert and doctor landed with a helicopter crane, while another agent pulled out the alert man, a 56-year-old man, also from Barcelona, ​​who was unwell, although he was injured.

The doctor first treated the victim on the ground and immobilized her, as per the report. civil guard, Before taking it out on the benask helipad.

A helicopter from 112 was waiting there for his transfer to the hospital. However, due to the injuries he suffered, he eventually died before being transferred to the hospital.

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