A 79-year-old man arrested for trying to thrash his 90-year-old aunt and burn her body


After entering the police station, the police found a kind of ‘funeral pile’ in his house.

Canary Emergency Room.
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A man, 79 years old, reportedly beaten to death This Saturday, May 7 To her aunt, a 90 year old womanafter placing a debate in the house in which they live together San Roque Neighborhood, In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as confirmed by research sources.

The incident is of Saturday, May 7, when a relative of the deceased had gone to meet him at his house, but the person did not let him go.

Faced with this denial imposed by the alleged perpetrator of the incidents, the family member decided to return the next day, May 8, but man keeps stopping her from enteringso it alerts him and that’s the person who Notify the National Police Corps To report your doubts.

Thus, when the National Police was alerted and the person suspected that he was being searched, Decided to convert itself into National Police Station In the district south of the capital of Gran Canaria, while police officers enter the house where the two live and find the dead woman’s body.

Once the agents of the National Police enter the house and They find the body of the old lady, a little burntNote that the alleged perpetrator of events had created a sort of ‘Funeral pile’.

For all these reasons, the nephew of the deceased was detained at the South District Police Station and is expected to be brought to justice on Wednesday, May 11, although this Tuesday The post-mortem of the woman will be done. To find out the cause of death.

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