A Bangladeshi minor denounces Mosos that her family wants to force her to marry a man she does not know


The girl is currently under security in a flat in Generalata.

Mosos d'Esquadra
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A young Bangladeshi woman, apparently a minor, has reported Mosos d’Esquadra that his parents want to force him to marry a man from their country, so he is currently in security in a flat generally,

as they progress news paper You Pawn And they have confirmed with Efe sources MososA young Bengali woman who lived last night Catalonia Many years ago he went to the Catalan police station Barcelona To ask for help and to condemn the fact that her family had arranged a forced marriage against her will with a man from her country whom she does not know.

In view of this complaint, Mosos d’Esquadra They have started investigation and are taking appropriate steps to clarify the circumstances of this marriage of convenience, for which the parents of the girl are being investigated.

The complaint of this young woman has come a few days after the two sisters of Pakistani citizenship lived. ceiling (Barcelona) In this Asian country, two cousins ​​who were forced to break off marriages were murdered at the hands of several of their relatives.

The Catalan police have a protocol for the prevention of forced marriages, a crime perpetrated by penal CodeAnd the group of attention for the victim Mosos Advise these women, often minors.

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