A beggar drowned in America without police intervention: “I’m not going to jump for you”


In the transcript of the conversation, an agent can be heard asking 34-year-old Bikings to defend himself.

The two agents spoke to Bikings before he dived into the lake.
The two agents spoke to Bikings before he dived into the lake.temple city

a homeless person drowned America In the eyes of police officers who did not help him, according to multiple images and a transcript published Monday by the authorities. Agents were called at dawn on May 28 near Temple’s artificial lake in Arizona, because of the “noise” of the man, who later died, and his companions.

After speaking with the couple, police officers contacted the homeless man, identified as 34-year-old Sean Bikings, according to a statement released by city officials.

After a few minutes, Bikings jumped over the fence protecting the lake and dropped himself on the surface of the water. Agents told him he didn’t have the right to swim in the lake, but the 30-year-old swam in an area under a bridge anyway.

The released footage is then truncated, as the city considered the rest of the video too “sensitive”, but they did provide an audio transcript.

“what are you going to do now?” asks an officer. “I’m going to drown. I’m going to drown,” Bikings says, according to the transcript. “No,” replies the officer.

A second policeman then asks the man to float on a pillar of the bridge and tie himself to it. “I can’t, I can’t,” Bikings yells. “Okay, I’m not going to jump for you,” another agent warns him.

According to the rest of the transcript, the cops continue to insist that he be able to save himself, defying the efforts of his accomplice, who begs for help. “Can you hear me?” Attributed to the bikings are the last words. Later, one of the policemen says that he “has not surfaced for about 30 seconds.”

His body was finally recovered in the morning. Three policemen were suspended until the results of various investigations launched by the authorities, indicating the city, which announced its intention to publish the cameras of other agents in the next few days.

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