A boy and a girl killed in the shooting of Uvalde, who say “I love you” to each other every night, will be buried next to each other


Javier James Lopez and Annabel Guadalupe Rodriguez, 10, are two of the 19 children killed in the Texas school massacre.

Alana de Leon writes for her friend Annabelle Rodr
Alana de Leon writes for her friend Annabelle Rodriguez, who was killed in the Uvalde shooting.AFP
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Children Xavier James Lepez You Annabel Guadalupe RodriguezAccording to ABC News, the 19 children who were part of the Uvalde (Texas) massacre will be buried next to each other this week. In this new massacre in the United States on May 24 two teachers also died After Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old man, heavily armed, entered the elementary school and opened fire at him indiscriminately.

both will be buried this week Hillcrest Cemetery in Uvalde, Texas. Javier’s mother Felicha Martinez and Annabel’s Monica Gallegos decided toBury their 10-year-old children side by side.

Even though they were just ten years old, Javier and Annabel’s love story became much more than just passing notes and exchanging smiles in class.

Monica Gallegos first learned about her daughter’s feelings when she came home on the first day of school and I told him about a guy who dressed up and smelled “great.”

Annabel’s mother and Xavier’s mother knew they had exchanged Love text messages while you sleep.

“Felicha and I laughed, like: “How do you know what love is?”Monica Gallegos told ABC News.

Little Annabel wore a picture of Javier around her neck as a token of her love for him. It was a gift from him.

Monica Gallegos, devastated by her death, assures that “she is not ready” to face life without her young daughter.

Monica and Felicha jokingly told their children that they had played together long before they went to school where they ended up tragically, as their grandmother, who lived nearby, allowed them to play outside near their houses. Used to take

“She loved him so much,” Monica tells Gallegos.

Arnulfo Reyes, a children’s teacher at a Texas school, knew about the love between Javier and Annabel. According to Annabel’s mother, it wasn’t really a novelty at school.

Reyes is still recovering from injuries sustained in the mass shooting in which he lost 11 students, including Javier and Annabel, that day. “It just made you smile thinking they really love each other” These two 10-year-olds.

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