A chilling gay couple, Italy’s move to continue reigning at Eurovision


The number of times a country has won Eurovision in a row is complicated, but it cannot be denied that it will be on Saturday thanks to Mahmoud and Blanco.

Mahmoud and Blanco, Delegate of Italy.
Mahmoud and Blanco, Delegate of Italy.alessandro di marcoefe

2 December 2010 was a big day for Eurovis, Director of RAI, Public Broadcaster Italy, announced the country’s return to the festival, from which they had decided to withdraw 14 years earlier. It was all one tantrum, one big protest action. The Italians recognized that the latest results they had achieved in the competition did not do justice to the quality of their music. And he slammed the door. until we meet again, And that was in 1997, the last year they participated in before the eclipse Rooms with Du Jalis. How they missed during the long absence.

But Italy, one of the seven founding countries of the Eurofestival in 1956, returned as the prodigal son, through the front door. His record over the past long decade could not be more remarkable, And this week hosted the 66th edition of the competition at Turn Thanks thanks to Menskin’s win last year. It is really complicated for a nation to win twice in a row. But it cannot be denied that the same thing will happen on the coming Saturday. Because Italy starts again as one of the five clear favourites.

Normal, if we take into account that they present one of the best songs of the version. And that it is performed by two artists with the most magical aura on stage, symbolizing among the groups that most closely follow the event, such as the LGTBI. Mahmood, an international star who has already dropped to second place at Eurovision in 2019 Pennies, and Blanco—Ricardo Fabriconi—a very young singer who has already achieved significant success, takes to the Turin stage with Brividi, with a thrilling ballad, excellent lyrics and message, and raw emotion. And as much as Mahmoud insists on defying labels and affirming that he is heartbroken and has the freedom to make mistakes even when in love, which is the coolness of the song, many across Europe want to see The first couple to sing an openly gay story in the festival’s historyAle

quality chills This is, in any case, undeniable; The amount of chemistry that Mahmoud and Blanco put forth has been taken below expectations at the dress rehearsal, despite the fact that they host the edition and have been unconvinced about winning. Nothing can be fixed in the final performance. He became the Eurovision flag bearer by winning San Remo last February. Contest of music contests that claim to retain a certain piquant taste in the 21st century and, yes, still have live orchestra So many years ago it was erased from Eurovision, paralyzes Italy for a full week each year, with stratospheric viewership reaching 20 million visitors. And it is precisely the fact that the Transalpine country sends its conquerors of the legendary San Remo at the Eurofestival Which makes all their candidates exceptional.

Eurovision winner Gigliola Cinqueti
Gigliola Cinqueti, winner of Eurovision in 1964.efe

Italian actors acted Some of the most sublime moments in Eurovision history, RAI has been victorious three times: in 1964, with Gigliola Cinqueti and his unforgettable Non Ho Late; in 1990, with Toto Cutugno, who played Insime: 1992; And last year with the aforementioned Menskin, the mighty band that left everyone breathless with the staging of Zitti e Buoni. One of the highlights, in fact, will be Gigliola Cinqueti’s performance with an updated version of the song in the grand finale of the festival this coming Saturday that made her universally famous.

list of The very first figures of the Italian songAn entire genre in itself, that they have expanded to Eurovision, is huge. domenico modugno -with that timeless jewel In blue blue painted-; Eva Zanichi -two big white tears-; Nicola de Bari – Days of the Rainbow-; Al Bano and Romina Power -We will live it again-; Rich and Poor –This love-; franco buttiato -Tozur trains-; Umberto Tozzi -sea people-; Rafael Gualazzi –love madness-; Marco Mengoni -Necessary-; flight -great love-…

The dialogue between Eurofan and Italian music is absolute. And yet, every time the Transalpine country hosts a festival, it’s a tough test and makes the famous disasters and Italian good. of Sordi’s humor, The 1991 edition is still remembered as one of the most chaotic. And that was held at the Cinecit Studios, the great city of cinema, on the outskirts of Rome. Nonsense by the hosts of the gala, unsuccessful submissions by the delegates and some logistical problems during the year were not marked, although we Spaniards remember that competition only for Sergio Dalma and his lofty Baller Pegado.

Turin also has problems this year. The biggest, the one that affects the arch of the grand stage, which ultimately cannot be used by various artists to project the background, which has ruined the previous work of a good number of artists. Candidates forced to change plans at the last minute

Overall, Eurovision 2022 has left us with an extraordinary show. You Mahmood and White They have a responsibility to hold the flag of Italian song high, in its sensitivity, in its fragility, in its kaleidoscopic approach to love… everything that has always made this country music so universal.

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