A court files espionage by Pegasus to the government and the Barcelona City Council for ERC allegations


We believe that it is not possible to proceed with the investigation due to infections in the phones of Roger Torrent and Ernest Margal.

Minister of Trade and Labor in Parliament
Minister of Trade and Labor in ParliamentAndreu DalmauEFE
  • Courts Court investigating espionage with Pegasus urged to analyze Minister Torrent’s cell phone

Stopping the Inquisition into Pegasus’s spying on independence leaders. Barcelona’s investigative court number 32 has provisionally opened a case opened in 2020 for alleged spying on the mobile phones of former President of Parliament and current minister Roger Torrent and ERC councilor and mayor of Barcelona City Council, Ernest Margal. It awaits the response of several requested letters to Israel and Ireland.

In this sense, the politicians learned from the media that they appeared on the list of people infected with Pegasus in their communications in 2020 and that is why they filed a complaint that gave rise to a judicial inquiry. The judge sent letters of request to Israel, the headquarters of the company that markets Pegasus, and Ireland, the headquarters of WhatsApp in Europe, because of the transition due to the program.

A few weeks ago, when Citizen Lab reports surfaced reporting an attack with Pegasus on 65 people associated with the independence movement, the court asked Torrent and Margal to provide their mobile phones to analyze them with expert evidence. asked for. However, none of them handed it over because the terminals were the same ones they used in Parliament and were no longer with them.

Torrent and Margal’s lawyer have appealed for the case’s temporary dismissal, defaming the court, which has “materially paralyzed” the investigation for more than a year, without an order of dismissal, but the extension of the investigation. has agreed to. For this reason, it demands that the judge “raid agility on the investigation through legally established means” and details that since last February the Rogatory Commission of Ireland responded by requesting computer data from WhatsApp that was connected to Pegasus as a mobile device. Proves the attack. are in America. Thus, it demands that this request be made.

The resource details that there is “too much evidence of large-scale political espionage” following the Citizen Lab report and therefore demands that the various espionage trials be combined into a single process. However, none of the four complaints filed for this alleged espionage have been accepted for processing. The ANC is in Court of Inquiry 32 itself, while the Cultural Amnium is in Court No. 21 of Inquiry, CUP is in Court No. 22 and ERC is in 24.

The prosecutor’s office opposes the submission of all of them to a single investigation in the same court, although it favors an investigation into who was behind spying on mobile phones of members of the Amnium Cultural for the possible crime of revealing secrets. Is. Despite this, he refused to investigate NSO, the Israeli company that made the Pegasus malware. Monium supports the entry into the processing of the complaint for the mobile phone infection of former vice president of the prosecutor’s body Marcel Maury, head of the international arena, Elena Jiménez, and Texel Bonet, a journalist and partner of the former president. Opened after a report by Jordi Cuexert, Citizen Lab.

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