A court will decide the fate of Ukrainian fighters from Azovstal after their surrender


Donetsk separatist leader claims Ukrainian sidewalk high command is still inside the plant

After the evacuation of Ukrainian fighters from Azovstal.
After the evacuation of Ukrainian fighters from Azovstal.EFE
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Donetsk separatist leader, Denis Pushilinsaid this Wednesday a court will decide the fate Russian news agency Tass reported the number of Ukrainian fighters who surrendered on the Azovstal pavement in Mariupol. “If the opponent has laid down his arms, the court decides the future fate,” says Pushilin. “Neo-Nazi war criminals” He will have to face an international tribunal.

Separatist leader Pushilin has also told that The pavement top brass is still inside the plant. And he still hasn’t given up, Reuters reports. The DAN news agency quoted Pushilin as saying that among the hundreds of surrendered fighters, there was no top-level commander. “They didn’t leave (the plant)”said.

Russia said on Wednesday that eitherAnother 694 Ukrainian Army “surrendered” During the last day on the sidewalk of Azovstal in Mariupol, with which they amount 959 soldiers transported “prisoners” From Monday. Took

“In Maripol, militants of the Nationalist Azov unit and Ukrainian troops blocked at the Azovstal plant continued to surrender,” said Major General, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. Gore Konashnkov, in his morning public part. “During the last day, 694 terrorists including 29 injured were apprehended,” he said.

According to Russia, this number is in addition to the 265 Ukrainian soldiers pulled out of the sidewalk on Monday, of whom 51 were seriously injured. thus, “A total of 959 militants have been taken prisoner since May 16, in which 80 are injured”Konashnkov argued.

He explained that a total of 51 defenders “required hospital treatment” and that they have been Novoazovsk hospitalizedA Russian-controlled city in the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic.

The Defense Ministry published a video about this second operation, or “surrender”, as Moscow calls it, which did not specify whether Azovstal still had other defenders or if he would like to exchange them for Russian prisoners. as proposed by Kyiv.

In the images it is seen how soldiers who left the metallurgical industry, some of them women, They leave in a row from Azovstal Territory with their duffel bags and suitcases And stand in a line to be discovered by Russian soldiers. Some rely on crutches and even sticks to walk, others are blindfolded and some are carried in ambulances on stretchers.

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