A Feijoa-style campaign: the elusive and all-encompassing Juanma to attract the PSOE voter

  • precompa Moreno appealed for a substantial majority to “not return to the starting box”.

“People hug Juanma on the street, they want to take pictures with him.” This is how they explain in the Andalusian PP why Juanma (Moreno) is going to be, she already is, great heroalmost the only hero of the election campaign, with popular He wants to repeat the exploits of December 2018 and secure four more years as the head of the board.

above it AcronymsJuanma (Moreno) is the best property of the popular party in Andaluca today and plumber San Fernando Street (where it has its regional headquarters) and Gnova (where Alberto Nez Feijo’s team has its offices). And the chairman of the board himself knows this and says it publicly. “It is easier to vote for Juanma Moreno than to vote for PP”, the leader of the PP-A released Susanna Grisso on Antenna 3 this Monday.

This explains why the campaign is being prepared by him. plumber The bet, bus, on the Juanma brand and the initials and PP logo have also been omitted in the background or on the third tier. Feijo launched a campaign in Galicia in 2020 in the purest style of acting, where he literally hid initials and prime su marka, The result, an absolute majority and a fourth consecutive term as president of Xunta.

Although Feijo didn’t invent anything and is in the most recent political history other examples Campaigns in which initials practically disappeared. The closest case is that of the mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, who is also from PP and who, like few others, has cultivated his personal brand.

The most recent election polls record the good times of the Juanma Moreno brand, in which it appeared as best review And at a great distance from its rivals.

At the moment, the slogan that the Andalusian PP is using goes along this line. At least one of the two that have already been launched: ‘Juanma, President’. The second, the ‘Andaluca Advance’, focuses on the other great asset the PP-A wants to play in these elections, Management What the executive has done.

So much so that PP advisers are going to have a specific weight in the campaign and are going to visit Andalusian geography to seek votes. they will do it Sell As for their management and candidates too, except Alas Bandodo, all will be list top Provincial, in such a way that the government would be an electoral performance.

Moreno himself, as the Andalusian PP election committee decided yesterday, will head the list for Málaga, while Carmen Crespo will do so for Almera; Jess Aguirre by Cordoba; Marifern Carrazo for Granada, and Juan Bravo for Almera.

The Secretary General of the PP, Loles López, would head the cartel in Huelva and in Cediz, Ana Mestre, the current representative of the government of the board.

The one that rounds out the list and surprises the most for it is Cordob, PP’s spokesperson in parliament. Jose Antonio Nieto, Although the official version is that there was no place in the Córdoba list – where there were already three men – Nieto was one of the greatest references. casadismo in Andalusia.

It will be, is, a campaign that runs away from thinker And it presents Juanma Moreno as the candidate who “solves problems”, explain the PP-A’s sources and in which party is least important. Because of the purpose, he elaborates, even those who traditionally vote for another formation can choose to ballot headed by Moreno.

Especially those who voted for PSOE in the last elections, December 2018, and now they are not so clear. In fact, in PP they say that they have detected a significant pocket former socialist voter That now “he has doubts” and does not rule out choosing Juanma’s ballot on the PP ballot on June 19.

They are the ones who will be attracted to the “candidate of moderation”, which is the profile that PP-A leaders want to emphasize, a candidate that anyone, regardless of their ideology, can vote for because does not lead to rejection Unlike (almost) none and radical political forces.

“The first step in getting someone to vote for you is not to generate disapproval,” he says in the PP and that basis is one that candidate Moreno will fulfill. Or, rather, candidate Juanma.

It’s basically an appeal vote toIt is necessary to achieve a sufficient majority so as not to fall into the hands of Woakes.

Escape from Castilla y León

If any resemblance to the Galician Autonomous Campaign is welcomed, it is seen as a slight resemblance to what was done recently, on the occasion of the election in Castilla y León. with horror At the Andalusian Popular Party, who has proposed running away from the model who propelled Alfonso Fernández Mauco to an insufficient victory that left him in the hands of Vox.

What Juanma Moreno advanced this week would fit: a campaign focused on Andalusia And without national intervention and in which PP’s regional giants are going to have little participation.

They are hardly going to parade because of election acts organized by PP-A regional leader Like Isabel Daz Ayuso, Fernando López Miras or Fernandez Mauco himself. This does not mean that none of them will appear between now and June 19, but the opportunities will be few and in very defined scenarios. There, the sources explain, where it is known that your profile and your message will be “well understood.”

Who has assured his presence, although he will not be stagnant, to Alberto Nez Feijo, the national president of the PP. How often this will occur is not yet known, however. first appearance This will happen at an event with businessmen on Wednesday next week.

In any case, the idea is that Feijo and Moreno do not overlap in most cases and do so when the national leader comes to Andalusia. separate act Board candidate K.

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