A former CUP deputy quits the party due to lack of support after facing an alleged case of harassment


Miria Boya assured that he had not received an “apology” or “self-criticism” from the formation.

Former Cup deputy Mirya Boya.
Former Cup deputy Mirya Boya.

former deputy of the cup Miria buya She has left the anti-system formation after declaring herself disappointed with the internal handling of her complaint of a sexist psychological assault at the hands of another member of the organisation, and which already means she will leave the formation’s National Secretariat in 2019. Will give ,

Boya has made public his resignation from the CUP militancy in a letter spread through social networks in which he indicated that he needed an apology, self-criticism, an approach from the organization after he complained of psychological aggression and the author of the same. Recognize the facts.

Boya has explained that the author continues within the formation and there are more cases in the commission of sexist aggression related to it, and that he knows other affected women who have not taken him through the “long and painful” process to avoid it. However, he has no qualms about making his case public.

The CUP has lamented the former deputy’s decision to withdraw from the party as a result of the management of an internal complaint he filed against an anti-system leader for alleged harassment, and said it would seek to eradicate “any”. Will continue to work for sexist attitude.”

“As a feminist organization, we will continue to review and work to eliminate any masculine attitudes in our place and society,” she said in a statement.

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