A goods train derailed at Sant Boi station and killed the driver of a passenger convoy


The Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat is investigating the cause of the accident.

fgc train
fgc trainFGC

A freight train, which was carrying potash, derailed at the entrance of Sant Boi de Ferrocarrilles de la Generalitat station this afternoon, colliding with the cabin of another passenger train leaving the place at the time. The train driver has died, while emergency and health services have been shifted to attend and evacuate the hundred passengers inside. There are 85 injured, including two less serious and 83 minors.

The Protecci Civil de la Generalitat has activated the Catalan Railway Emergency Plan (Ferrocat) on alert this Monday for an accident that affected a passenger train on the Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) Llobregat-Anoia railway line. Generalitat firefighters are working to evacuate passengers and secure the catenary on the section between Sant Boi and Mol Nu. The Ferrocarrils technical team is investigating the cause of the accident.

According to health sources, 85 injured passengers have been treated for fractures, most severe and bruised. Some of them have been taken to Sant Boi and Belwitz hospitals for treatment. Several police and emergency services have also traveled to the scene, and officers are expected to be involved, both from the Generalitat and the nearby town hall.

The FGC indicates that the train service runs from PL Espanya station to Cornell Rira, and from Colnía Gael station to Igualada and Manresa. For the affected section, an alternate route is arranged by road.

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