A group of armed men kidnapped 30 wedding guests in Nigeria


“The attackers blocked the way two buses in which the victims were traveling”, said one of the people who managed to escape

Nigerian soldiers (file).
Nigerian soldiers (file).Reuters
  • international 22 killed and 50 injured in attack in Nigeria

some armed men still unidentified kidnapping last saturday 30 wedding guests as they returned to their homes in the north-west NigeriaA civil society leader reported.

The incident took place in the middle of the town turetta, in Sokoto State, and in the neighboring city of Bakura, zamfra statehas indicated to the secretary of the Association of Sellers and Repairers of Mobile Phones Nigeria –The group to which the abducted persons belong- Ashiru Shueibu.

“The attackers blocked the way two buses in which the victims were travelling”, said Shuabu in statements collected in the local media this Monday.

in those vehicles 55 people were travelingBut soon after the attack, 25 managed to escape from their hostages.

Shua’ibu has appealed to the Zamfara State Government and all Nigerian Security Agencies To save the members of your organization as soon as possible.

One of the people who was able to escape, Lol Jao, told the Nigerian newspaper Premium Times that the attackers opened fire against their vehicles.

“We heard the voices and cries of our comrades work and friendsBut we couldn’t do anything for them,” Jao lamented.

Go and dozens of others to defend yourself from attackers they were hiding In some of the surrounding bushes for hours till the arrival of the security forces. scene of incident,

frequent kidnappings

central state and north west of nigeria frequent attacks by ‘bandits’ – a term used to name criminal gangs who carry out these attacks in the country – and a wave mass kidnapping Attractive ransom.

Violence continues despite repeated promises from Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, To eliminate the problem and deploy more security forces in the area.

for this insecurity in the northwest of Nigeria Added that is registered in North East since 2009 Boko Haram Jihadist Group and, since 2016, because of its split, the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP).

both groups have killed more than 35,000 people and has caused approximately 2.7 million internally displaced people, mostly in Nigeria, but also neighboring countries such as Cameroon, Chad and Niger, according to government and United Nations figures.

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