A high-ranking official of Castilla y Lane, appointed by Vox, resigns after learning that he conducts equality courses that his party rejects for “podemitas”.


A company owned by Javier Moreno Espeja, who was appointed manager of the Public Employment Service two weeks ago, has offered sex education courses in more than 300 schools in Valladolid.

Juan Garco
Juan Garca-Gallardo, vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, at a Vox rally in Jerez.EFE
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Newly Appointed By K Voice Manager Public Employment Service of Castilla y León (Esil), Javier Moreno Mirrorresigned this Monday after learning that his company data consulting Has been in charge of delivering courses on equality and sex education in more than 300 schools in the U.S. Valladolid and that he himself had acted as a monitor in some of the talks.

Moreno Espeja has submitted a brief letter of resignation in which he justifies his decision to “avoid any damage to the image of the party” with reference to Vox, which is the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Commerce of the Junta de Castilla y León. controls. And that I just named him a few weeks ago, last May 26.

His resignation comes after a plenary session of the Valladolid City Council held this Monday, and where Vox’s councilor and spokesman, Javier Garcia Bartolomehas requested that these courses be suppressed with “sexual and sectarian” content as “talks in the purest Podemite style”.

He has been the spokesperson of the Socialist Municipal Group in the city council. Peter Smithwho has emphasized that one of the companies giving these workshops, Data Consulting, is directed by Ecyl’s new manager, who has been “appointed by Vox.”

Socialist spokesperson and city mayor, scar bridgeHe asks Javier Garca Bartolome to tell him if he knows that he wants some workshops not to be given to honor a company owned by “a man from Vox”.

Shortly after, Javier Moreno Espeja sent the Minister of Industry, Mariano VeganzonesIn a letter in which he stated that “the information was made public”, and to “avoid any damage to the image of the party”, he has submitted his resignation at his request.

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