A ‘japo’ and four other openings for the worship of sushi in an old ham warehouse


Jorge González is behind Surgeon Kitchen, a space between the workshop, cooking show of reserved and premium Japanese cuisine that has just opened in the Manzanares neighborhood

Chef George Gonzoo
Chef Jorge Gonzalez at Surgeon Kitchen Space.
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Madrid lives in a tall and intense statue brimming with Japanese cuisine. If a few months ago we devoted enough space to talk about new offers, today we have to do the same to expand the list, because openings follow each other. today we talk Five new places where sushi is another story, Fernando Pointe writes in the newspaper Today criticizing Zuara Sushi, which is one of the season’s openings, which he says. The other four innovations are presented in these lines.

Jorge Gonzalez (44 years old) has returned to his core. This chef from Madrid, experienced in the kitchens of 99 Sushi Bar, Kiri, Minabo and Makitake, just opened, to highlight his resume a bit In an old ham warehouse in the Manzanares neighbourhood, a workshop-reserved-‘shocking’ Premium Japanese cuisine. Its name: Surgeon’s Kitchen (Paseo del Comandante Fortea, 1).

“I’ve wanted to go back to my neighborhood all my life and do something different and engaging outside the center,” he explains at the campus door. The idea also included contributing his grain of sand to revitalizing small businesses and putting the area on the map. “Here we are surrounded by fishermen, vegetable sellers, butchers… We support them in every way possible,” he says, watching to make sure Rice doesn’t overdo it. There is no “moderneo” here and no posture, “Among our clients are groups of young friends, but there are also older couples who appreciate gastronomy and are looking for different plans.”

The pandemic and, in particular, imprisonment forced him to re-establish himself. “I realized there is no SushiChef service at home,” he explains enthusiastically. He shaped the idea and started working in private homes. “We’re still really doing it.” The reception was great and the idea caught on relatively quickly. “Clients began to suggest that I open a space that could host dinners or meals for small groups.” Nor did it feel unreasonable and he began to look for the place. “A friend who has a bakery nearby told me there was an empty space behind the gallery.” As soon as he saw it, he knew it was the place he wanted to do. “Incredible light and perfect size.” They are full for four months and have a waiting list of two weeks,

“We have a capacity of 7-8 people,” he remarks in front of the high table where diners usually sit.For a special feel and meticulous attention to detail, the location is closed by groups“. The description obsesses George, as he himself confesses. “The experience includes everything: the place, the somewhat secret vibe, the privacy and the gastronomic proposition”.

Male omakase – Recommended by the chef / 35 euros per person- It has now become the preferred choice in 8 or 9 countries, including miso soup (in winter) and seaweed salad (in summer), with usuzukuris or tiraditos, hosomakis, gunkan or uramakis and various iconic pieces among various nigiri “We use high quality products, from Minori rice to Balfeg tuna.” Plus, if you want, you can order la carte, enjoy your ‘take away’ (always prior reservation) or request the Home Chef service, which is still operational.

Seafood Gyozas from Casa Mr.  ito
Seafood Gyozas from Casa Mr. ito

With only a few days of filming left, Casa Sr. Ito is presented as a place that has a fusion of the spirit of an inn and a cheeky spirit, fun and as its flag. Like the rest of the family, Mr. Ito, there’s no single label that defines it, they’re like Combine the brushstrokes of traditional Japanese cuisine with the mostBut also Castilians and Andalusians.

Located on No. 6 Marcus de Riscal Street—front of Asiaco, also from the group—Iban González’s new project—front of the room—and chef Sergio Montarde savors fried foods, pickles and sandwiches with his style, he . Gilda with anchovy vinaigrette, onions marinated in Modena vinegar and seaweed, and spider crab, a salad with pickles and kimchi with prawn bread are regarded as the ‘hits’ of the household. Traditional winks with squid and torreznos can also be seen in the baths. The pork ribs with katsu sando and cooked gyoza and oxtail are essential.

Ikigai Well Cheek Dry Ramen
Dry Cheek Ramen from Ikigai Velzquez.

From the Chamber to the Salamanca district, where Ikigai Velázquez (located at No. 136) has just landed, the new proposition from Chef Yong Wu Nagahira, who has garnered a good group of fans who love Japanese cuisine from his Flor Baja location. , He approaches the region with a more democratic offer (between 60 and 80 euros) from an economic point of view, with some of the iconic dishes of his first establishment and his lauded nigiri, but also with new creations where the personality of the young chef is visible. is . With an interior design reminiscent of a New York apartment from the 1980s, its sushi bar is one of the most pleasant places on campus.

Sushi pieces from La Madonna.
Sushi pieces from La Madonna.

The latest to join the list is La Madonna (Diego Aylan 12), the seventh restaurant from the Sushita Group, which also opened its doors a few days ago. on this occasion, The tandem is composed of Italian and Japanese cuisine, They include pizzas and carpaccios in their menu, where they also serve a tempting range of cocktails. Follows the pattern of other premises, with decorations, coquettes and pieces from different parts of the world. Its atmosphere is casual and offers a good quality/price ratio.

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