A judge has indefinitely postponed a bullfight in Mexico’s largest plaza


In Mexico, five out of 32 states have banned bullfighting shows

A fan watches the Plaza M Arena
A fan looks at the arena in Plaza Mexico.david of peaceWorld
  • America The surviving, and brave, bull of a cousin of Hearne Cours (in Mexico which now prohibits bullfights)

A federal judge this Friday ordered an indefinite suspension of bullfighting Plaza Mexico, the largest in the world. The sentence can be appealed.

“Definite suspension is given for the purposes specified in this resolution,” Civil Association J.fair justice Against the rules that allow bullfighting Mexico City,

On 27 May, the judge had already temporarily suspended the bullfights while he heard the parties’ arguments and evidence to make a convincing motion.

In response, Capital Bullring said it would “postpone the scheduled bullfights and celebrations of heifers” and that it would “continue with the legal defense” it called. “Mexican Customs and Traditions”,

The next activity which was to be held in the venue is located in Benito Juárez Sector, was scheduled for July 2. first that day ‘Pamplona’ of the capital, a Spanish tradition in which roads are closed and horns are left to deal with them.

The decision can still be challenged by the show’s organizers, although it may take several months for the court to decide on those resources.

Various civic organizations have promoted legal actions over the years to ban bullfights, a 500 year old tradition in MexicoHowever they were not successful.

Last December, the capital’s Congress ruled in favor of banning the party, but a full vote is needed to finalize the measure. Meanwhile, the MLA interacted with the people involved.

Plaza Mexico is the largest in the world, with 50,000 spectators capacityand has traditionally been the meeting place of public figures.

Proponents of the ban claim that the law treats oxen as “things” and ignores animal suffering.

Bullfighting, meanwhile, boasts of industry tradition and economic value, which It did business of $343 million in 2018, creating some 80,000 direct jobs and 146,000 indirect jobsAs per the latest available official data.

In Mexico, five out of 32 states have banned bullfighting.

The debate is cryptic in Latin America. In bogota You Quito It is forbidden to kill the bull in the ring, while Venezuela Some bull fights have been canceled and To Justice refused to ban him in 2020.

Other countries where bull fighting is allowed are Spain, France and Portugal,

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