A judge investigates three policemen who shot a 21-year-old boy who threatened his mother


It was the mother who informed the police that she was receiving threats from her son and agents, on reaching home, shot the young man carrying the knife on the landing of her house

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Inquiry into Madrid’s Court of Instruction No. 1 three agents of the national police shot six shots A 21-year-old man was found on the landing of his home in Vallecas after his mother warned he was receiving threats, legal sources have confirmed.

According to ‘elDiario.es’, those who did the investigation testified before the judge last December and said they acted in self-defense when the boy had the knife. The investigation, led by Judge Pedro López Jiménez, continues.

events happened November 26, 2021 Around 9:30 at an address on Calle San Claudio, in the neighborhood of Palomares Suroeste.

The young man’s mother informed the family about the threats with knives from the son on 091. City security agents rushed to the scene to try to get the man to drop his attitude.

At one point the youth attacked the officers with a knife and tried to attack them. Police officers used their service weapons to stop the attack.

Due to the bullet, the youth got multiple bullets in the stomach, left arm, left leg and right wrist.

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