A judge orders a search of Genoa computers looking for irregularities in a regional congress.


Magistrate takes note of the demand of an applicant to preside over the PP of Lane in the casedo stage

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PP computers return in the eye of the storm. This time, due to the alleged irregular affiliation of 1,000 militants in the Pablo Casado phase, with the aim of winning a regional congress from a candidate who does not belong to the national leadership. popular. Court of First Instance No. 2 lane approved that an expert test of computers should be made gnova to determine whether embezzlement has been committed, and even has already appointed the expert, who will Carlos Martinez Castellanos, According to the judicial document held by EL Mundo.

plaintiff, Manuel Garca Martinez, is the mayor of villaquilambrea city in the metropolitan area of ​​León, and ran for the Leon PP primary in 2021 against the current president, Javier Santiago Velez, which was sponsored by Teodoro Garca Ega, the then Secretary General of the PP and number two Why married?

One of León, Casado, had the second most tense provincial congress of all those initiated by the PP’s national leadership in years. the second was Seville, In which Gnova ended up imposing on Juanma Moreno, after allegations that his teams had crossed over. Under the national leadership of PP he assured that popular Andalusians were registering dozens of collaborators at once and without providing their DNI. And in PP-A he accused Garca Egea of ​​interfering with the process and dishonestly trying to withhold payments to extremists who wanted to be caught.

In León, the losing candidate accused Gnova of affiliating more than 800 people at once, some of whom were not registered where he voted, or were supporters of other parties. But the verification of this figure can only be determined by the expert, when it reaches the complete census. Computer tracking will be important.

Lane’s current chairman of the PP managed a network of new affiliations to take over the provincial apparatus, something that has been revealed by some audios. Leonoticias.com. I have spoken with Fran (Garca Lavarez, Mayor of Sabero) so that he can get me another 20 in Sabero, it is heard in conversations that other PP officials recorded.

In the audio it is assumed that these ‘straw’ associates would not even have to register. No, no, no, the point is we give them the address where they’re going to vote, adds the president of the PP of León, who is also a senator and, therefore, shares a camera with Alberto Nez Feijo. Huh.

At another time, A.T. Javier Santiago they ask him if Juan Martinez Majo, The then president of the PP in Lane, knows a little about this. The answer is as follows: No, no, no… Apparently one cannot find out about it. The point is, it has to be completely stealthy. No one in this area can know, but you, Paco and Esteban, are who you are, he says.

If there are so many clear indications, why is it being investigated now after a year? Because Garca Martínez did not want to interfere with his demand for the election of Castilla y León, and paralyzed him. They have now reactivated it and the preview is scheduled for October.

The plaintiff claims that the task of testing is to use a computerized expert in order to verify the validity and correctness of the guarantees provided by the Gnova candidate. For this reason, Manuel García Martínez sought (successfully) the judicial appointment of a computer expert to issue a report on the electoral census in order to introduce the allies to the electoral roll for a method and form of authenticating criteria. . The system of national affiliation pp.

What he wants to show is the sudden change that happened between January 1st and June 22nd, 2021, which is the date of the PP Leon primary. For this, the specialist will have access to the National Popular Party’s program for affiliation, called Lanza.

Similarly, a court-appointed expert must audit the Popular Party’s economic management computer program, where payment of membership fees and payment of affiliation appear from January 1, 2020, to June 22, 2021. What? Because the plaintiff suspects that some installments were not paid.

In addition, the Provincial Manager to vote in the June 22, 2021 primaries, Mr. Jose Manuel Miano, Or by whom it is matched in court. The judge has accepted the investigation and ordered the amount to be paid to the expert.

No one appealed the resolution of the court’s counsel – supported by the judge – who claimed all information from Genoa Computer on the matter, although he gave the current president of the Leonese PP five days to do so.

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