A judge reopens investigation into another scandal in the purchase of masks from Madrid City Council


Consistory paid 2.5 million euros for 500,000 defective masks to the company Sinclair & Wilde Ltd.

Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, this Monday, at the plenary session of the Madrid City Council.EFE
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Second investigation resumed in case of fraud in purchase of masks madrid city, According to legal sources, Court of Instruction No. 30 Madrid of Madrid has ordered the reopening of proceedings related to the alleged fraud complaint against the company this Monday Sinclair and WildeAs a result of the “Extended Report dated 12th April, 2022, addressed to the Court and in which it was stated that the inquiry was conducted, Philip HSHis residence is in England”.

The city council, led by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, bought 2.5 million euros in 500,000 masks from the company Sinclair & Wilde Ltd., Delaware (United States of America), These masks were defective and have never been used, which presents city ​​police A complaint in court.

The above complaint fell to the Court of Instruction No. 30 of Madrid and was filed in 2020 due to the impossibility of traceability Philip Haim Solomon, Company CEO. However, weeks ago the police had received information from his counterpart New York About the whereabouts of this man, which led to the reopening of the case.

In the sole grounds of the reopening order, the judge states that “in the face of a new clue as to the likely whereabouts of the person who may have acted as an arbiter in the procurement operation, to reopen the proceedings, and to carry out Carrying out new procedures for the purpose of clarifying the facts and determining their authors”.

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