A Madrid judge investigates the owner of 100 Montaditos for fraud against the franchise


It is pending that experts analyze the information given in the complaint to establish whether there is evidence of offense

100 montaditos
Location of 100 Montaditos.Ernesto Caparos

Madrid’s Court of Instruction investigates owner of 52 Grupos restalia, Jose Mara Fernandez CapitnThe company itself and its many subsidiaries such as 100 montaditos You good burger, As well as a slew of people responsible for the group for allegedly defrauding dozens of franchisees in Spain.

magistrate David Suarez has issued an order in which it agrees to initiate preliminary proceedings against 29 companies related or connected with restaliabetween them Pepper Taco, Panther Juice and Sandwich Market You Suriya In addition to those that have already been mentioned.

But also against 24 managers of group companies, including advisors, directors and administrators, following a complaint filed by the office. Rafael Franco Lawyer For the continuing offense of fraud, criminal organization, coercion and computer crimes.

they are represented in the letter 31 Franchise Establishments that corresponds to the brands good burger, 100 montaditos, Suriya You Suriya Blue Nine are located in several areas of autonomous communities that have suffered “initial damage” that €19.7 million,

The brief considers those who have been condemned a “criminal organization” that, under the brand restaliawhose network is 780 Establishmentsacted “deceitfully enough” towards franchisees, many of whom were doomed to “economic ruin”, based on a model that has already been prosecuted by US justice for practices close to fraud.

The complaint states that “those who condemned Intentionally concealed the existence of agreements from the franchisee With suppliers that would eventually make franchising impractical”.

And before the contracts were signed, he continues, “a few unrealistic feasibility studies were added, with which they managed to convince them that their franchises would deliver benefits they, in fact, could never achieve, an extreme which the accused know for certain” and states that “the average number of franchise closures in Restalia Group It’s about a hundred years.

Restalia denies results

restalia has assured that it is “quiet” as it complies with current regulation “rigorously”, after a Madrid judge this Wednesday learned of an open investigation into an alleged scandal. For restaliaInvolved 100 montaditos and against the owner of the group, Jose Mara Fernandez CapitnAccording to company sources.

According to the same sources, as of now, the Restoration Group does not have any records and has not received any complaint or citation on the matter. “Of course, we respect the judicial process and we will cooperate with everything necessary and any need, as we have always done,” he assured.

in this way they remembered that their 22 years of company history Has not faced criminal proceedings and is “strictly compliant” with existing regulations.

Restoration Group has shown “Absolute Peace” To act in a “transparent” manner and “in accordance with contracts and agreements” with its Franchisees in all its terms and conditions.

he teaches it, whose marks are 100 montaditos You TGBIt highlights, among others, that “it has always positioned itself with its franchisees”, with measures such as the activation of an “extraordinary and comprehensive” private aid package, valued at more than seven million euros. , which includes, among other functions, a price control scheme for raw materials in the event of inflationary fluctuations in the market.

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