A man accuses his ex-wife of trying to hit him on the head with a hammer: “I started crying, I burst and lost my mind”


The man admits the facts before the judge but assures that he does not remember that he killed his former partner: “I was shocked”.

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Banita Buola was attacked by her husband with a hammer.EM
  • Balearic Man hammering his wife’s head in Mallorca: “I just hit my wife”

Man accused of trying to hit ex-wife with a hammer has given assurance in the trial this Friday palmaWho doesn’t remember hitting him: “I cried, raised my head and exploded. My mind was lost.”

During the hearing held this Friday in the second section of Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands, the defendant has admitted the facts to the questions of the prosecutor. Thus, he has told that this morning, in September 2019, he was talking with his ex-wife at their house, when she told him that he wanted her to come back.

“I told her that if she didn’t come back in a month I was going to report her to leave my family. At first she said yes, but then she told me no,” she insisted: “She started saying I did things that I didn’t like and then I exploded”.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the brutality with which he beat his ex-wife left her motor and nervous system sequence Which prevents him from fighting for himself today.

the prosecutor asked the accused 15 years in prison for attempted murderAs well as a compensation of 169,000 euros for moral damage and the consequences of the beating.

According to the indictment, the incident is of September 11, 2019. The respondent had gone to the house of his former partner with whom he had two children.

A rubber hammer and a pointed metal hammer

As they were on their way towards the door to exit the house, the man punched the woman, after which he repeatedly hit her on the head with a rubber hammer and another pointed metal hammer.

The forceful beating left many injuries and scars on the face and scalp of the victim and forced her to live About a month in ICU De Son Espases and was hospitalized for more than three months and had to undergo several operations.

During his statement, the man said that he was suffering from depression due to the complaint of sexual abuse of his daughter which he had faced. He indicated, “I didn’t break up with him. She had left the house till the matter of complaint was resolved.

Furthermore, they have admitted that at the time they separated, they insisted on getting back together. So, once the case was registered, he asked her to get back together. “I was under a lot of psychological pressure”He insisted.

three hours until I called for help

On the day of the incident, the respondent stated that they had met at the school to take the children to school. “Then we went to our house, I prepared a coffee for both of us and I told him that a complaint has been filed, that he should come home,” he said.

At that time, according to her version, the victim “started saying things that I didn’t like and that was when she started crying.” “I don’t remember those incidents. I was shocked. I don’t remember hitting him with hammers,” he said.

According to the prosecutor’s brief, three hours elapse from the time he allegedly kills his ex-wife, until he confesses the facts to the police and asks for help. At the time, the defendant indicated that the victim told him not to seek help: “he told me he wanted to dieBut once I saw what happened when I asked for help.”

Subsequently, the victim denies that he has asked to die and insists that he does not remember “anything” until he is on the floor at Son Espaces Hospital. The woman has said that the man “liked to have everything under control, to know where we were and what we were doing.”

In the end, she assures that her ex-husband told her that “Never” Was I Going To Accept Separation Or Divorce: “He told me that as soon as the girl’s problem is resolved, he will give me a month to return home.”

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