A man arrested for robbing 19 elderly people by strangling them to ‘murder’ in Parla


One of the elderly ended up in the ICU and the other had to be hospitalized

This is how the robber of the elderly worked with Matlan’s techniqueWorld

The National Police has arrested a 43-year-old Moroccan man in Parla (Madrid), who has been accused of robbing 19 elderly people. matalene, He picked up his victims on their way out of the bank and followed them to the door of his house, Where he strangled her from behind. He attacked men and women indiscriminately, but they were all elderly, between 70 and 90 years old, and without the possibility of defense against such surprising and violent maneuvers. Their violence was at its peak, as many people ended up in the hospital, one of them in the ICU. The judge has already ordered him to enter the jail.

The investigation began last February. Via After detecting the increase in commission of robbery with violence in Parla Municipality farmersSurprise the victim from behind, surround him with your arm, pressing his carotid arteries until he faints. Once she was on the ground, this man took the opportunity to steal her belongings, mainly jewellery, mobile phone and cash.

The police investigation managed to identify the alleged perpetrator of the robbery with violence, which coincides with the investigation of another robbery that took place in the Madrid district of Usra. After coordinating both probes, a equipment to trace and arrest this man, He had no idea and habitually used sanitary masks and even wigs to make his identity difficult. Even then, After consolidating police presence in areas where he could move, he was located and proceeded to arrest him.,

was arrested Judicial authority has been handed over to As the alleged perpetrator of 19 robberies with violence, which determined his entry into the prison.

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