A man committed suicide when he was being evicted from his apartment by the Barcelona City Council


live in an official security home but consister to its “neighborhood conflict”

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  • planning Man commits suicide after being evicted in Barcelona

A 55-year-old man committed suicide in the afternoon on Monday as he was about to be evicted from his official security home on Squia Madriguera Street in the Bon Pastor neighborhood of Barcelona. The municipal workers went home after the delivery of the keys was agreed, after postponing it a few weeks ago, and when they arrived they found no one in the apartment. Many neighbors say that as soon as they entered the house, the man threw himself from the balcony and saw them.

The Barcelona City Council expressed its deep regret over the death and highlighted that it was decided that the man should leave the house, which his mother had built more than a decade ago due to “serious neighborhood conflict”. -bar affairs” dating back to 2019. , the consistry makes it clear that she was offered the help of social workers. The farm, owned by the Municipal Housing Board, was built in 2010.

Following the suicide, emergency services that cordoned off the area have been alerted. the police has started to investigate.

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