A market turned upside down: Europe faces transfer window conditioned by Barcelona blockade


Barca club’s problems to involve Lewandowski complicate the puzzle.

Faithful to the custom of the guild, a distinguished representative requests anonymity before reflection. “There will be people who think football players are greedy. Or that we are. But it’s a business. A big industry has to be viable. And for that to happen, money must flow. The one who isn’t friendly has to be a part of it.” shuts off.

Real Madrid finalize the signing aurelian tchoumenic, a 22-year-old Monaco midfielder for whom he will pay a minimum of 80 million euros. The operation escapes the current trend. Not so long ago, it was the clubs who shared a fair share of the cake in the transactions, beyond the salaries and commissions collected by the agents and middlemen. But in recent times, players and representatives have managed to wield even more power as their future bosses, leaving the entities out of the feast. Concluding a contract, something that was avoided at all costs, and negotiating a transfer bonus with a letter of independence is an attractive bet.

However, Europe is facing an uncertain transfer window. A market conditioned by football players who are looking for a destination without contractual ties, and who are facing the prospect of a June 2023 release, are trying to change the scene in the hope that their clubs will see their In principle will accept the proposals below. worth.

this will be the case Robert Lewandowski, one of the major pieces of the summer puzzle. The Polish striker ended his ties with Bayern in June 2023, taking advantage of the situation to vigorously claim an exit. Said movement contemplates some risks for Lewandowski, given that he aspires to play at Barcelona without the economic capacity to still face his signing. With a salary deficit of €144 million, the Barca club will maintain its pay block until it resolves the sale of a percentage of its television rights and 49% of its television business. sales (BLM).

If Lewandowski and Barcelona end their way, Bayern, which do not intend to earn less than 50 million for their franchise player transfers, could begin to resolve issues. And that’s where the name comes from. say manyAnother of the iconic figures on the market for which the Bavarian club is ready to bid considering the winger’s future Gnabrywhose contract expires in one year.

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agree and both firmino You request His contract with Liverpool will expire in 2023. Firmino is clear that he will end this period and seek a life again. Whereas Salah, who saw how an outstanding season was clouded by a fresh defeat against Real Madrid in the Champions League final, remains unsure of his future. Liverpool intend to renew him this summer, although a good offer could make the parties change their mind.

Barcelona appears in the haze again before the movement of middlemen belonging to the Portuguese Bernardo Silva, who aspires to play in Spain in the future. Your position, yes, should not change. He has a contract with Manchester City until 2025, and Pep Guardiola has no intention of letting such an able midfielder go.

Romelu Lukaku His relationship with Chelsea also ends later (2026), although the Belgian striker, after a disappointing season. Thomas Tuchel, will force a change of scenery. Tottenham hug or not Antonio Conte, who knew best how to express his quality, to return to his old Lombard home: Inter. club nerzzuriYes, its intentions are yet to be known paulo dybala, The days of wine and roses are long gone for the Argentine midfielder, but he is still looking for a team that will be willing to pay back even after his contract with Juventus expires this month.

22 days after being released, they too run away as fast as they can paul pogbas -whose Juventus return is taken lightly-, Gareth Bale -Cardiff City would like to welcome him from the English Second Division to prepare for the World Cup-, say maria -whose agents have contacted Barcelona- more Dembele, A Barça executive admitted, “We don’t expect anything more from him now.” Barça should also make a decision in this regard. frankie de jangoDespite the Dutchman’s insistence to stay in the shop window, and resolve once and for all continuity GavicWhose clause (50 crores) is poisonous candy.

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