A minor arrested for shooting a waiter at a Madrid cider house


Two mobility agents crossed paths in a nearby alley with the alleged perpetrator of the shots, which they managed to defuse.

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An agent of the municipal police of Madrid.@policiademadrid

National Police has arrested a 17-year-old minor who had entered at gunpoint with another youth The Famous Cider House in the Madrid Neighborhood of ChuacasWhere he allegedly fired two shots at a waiter at the establishment, which he did not hit, sources in this Corps have informed Efe.

Provincial Information Brigade, with groups Specialized in youth gangsAccording to the newspaper ‘ABC’, has taken over the investigation of the incident, as the attackers may be members of one of these violent groups.

The events happened this Sunday afternoon at 10:30 at a well-known cider house Hortaleza. located in the street of of the central district of the capital.

Two young people entered the campus with apparently a clear purpose, as one of them, a 17-year-old Spaniard, He had a pistol in his hand with which he shot two targets. To an employee of the cider house. The bullet did not hit them and the attackers fled from the spot.

In a nearby alley, two mobility agents, who were earlier alerted to the incident, crossed paths. with the alleged perpetrator of the shootingwhich they were successful in reducing.

National and municipal police agents went to the place and found that gun in backpack taken by a minor who was arrested as an alleged perpetrator of the offense of attempt to murder, for which he shall be handed over to the juvenile prosecutor’s office.

Agents of the Judicial Police appeared at the Cider House to collect evidence on the facts, which could have been recorded by local security camerasWhile the search is on for the second youth involved in this firing.

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