A minor arrested for stealing two pistols by jumping off a security wall at Canilas Police Macro Complex


The police have managed to recover both the weapons.

National Police inside the Canillas complex.

The National Police have arrested a foreign minor who stole two pistols last Sunday inside the Macro complex of the Canillas National Police in Madrid, one of the largest police complexes in Europe. Jumped from a three meter high security wall. The agents have managed to recover two weapons that the minor had stolen in the locker of the changing room of a building in the centre.

from the Directorate General of Police an inquiry has been opened To find out how the security agents did not locate the minor while entering or leaving the premises. It is also being investigated whether he had co-operation with any other minor.

The arrested boy is 16 years old Mounted on campus security wall, Sunday morning, in the area closest to the Logistics building, on the opposite side of the Hortaleza shopping center. The man passed through the interior of the premises and entered a building where he reached the locker room. There they confiscated two weapons and some magazines. Then I went back on the same route.

Agent They investigate whether one of the stolen and now recovered weapons was used in the two attacks. Happened in Vallecas in the last few hours.

The Canillas Complex, located on Julin González Segador Street in Madrid, is the headquarters of the National Police in Spain. All the central services of Judicial Police, UDEV, UDYCO and Information Units are located. More than 8,000 police officers work in the campus every day.

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